Translation of viewer in Spanish:


telespectador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvjuər//ˈvjuːə/


  • 1

    telespectador masculine
    telespectadora feminine
    televidente feminine
    • The New College Chapel offers even more surprising treasures for the observant viewer.
    • Their intention was to make paintings that met the viewer as living presences - that were there.
    • The viewer can either be a hurried spectator or a pensive spectator.
    • Through this stripping away, he enables his paintings to relate to the viewer on a human scale and at a pace almost as gradual as life itself.
    • Her paintings are all from an aerial viewpoint - as a viewer you look down on a washed, subtly disconcerting landscape.
    • Not only do viewers overlook this one similarity between the species, they do not care.
    • The paintings of domesticated animals by Dermot Seymour impact the viewer on several levels.
    • His drawings and paintings challenge the viewer to meet his hopeless aesthetic half way, and then fail.
    • The trees and their colours in the paintings had a telling effect on viewers.
    • We all agree that she exerts a degree of independence as she pulls the viewer into the painting to meet her family.
    • You know, a good painting somehow adjusts itself to the requirement of the viewer.
    • The viewer is first confronted with a painting depicting a large telephone.
    • His paintings draw the viewer in, reveal a hint of women's nature but he doesn't give it all away.
    • The painting elicits the viewer's identification with her weariness and suffocation in an intimate way.
    • As a practicing Kyudo archer, Ona B. is always on target, never losing sight of the viewers of her works.
    • Such paintings court the viewer's curiosity, but make no appeal to feelings of pity, fear, or outrage.
    • The viewer is faced only with the bare-faced reality of the painting on the canvas.
    • Cortès creates an incredible sense of depth in his painting by controlling the gaze of the viewer in this way.
    • Vettriano's skill lies in his ability to create narrative paintings with which the viewer becomes involved.
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    (for slides)
    visionadora feminine
    • Finally, there are some DVD-ROM extras in the form of a screenplay viewer and weblinks.
    • The image display in the viewer window actually is a label widget in the center of the dialog.
    • I cut the whole thing with a Moviscope, which is just a silent film viewer, and a pair of rewinds.
    • I use the Linhof optical viewer to visualize images and try different compositions.
    • Web browsers can also be configured to open images with an external viewer.