Translation of vigorous in Spanish:


enérgico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪɡ(ə)rəs//ˈvɪɡ(ə)rəs/


  • 1

    (exercise) enérgico
    (campaign/defense) enérgico
    (denial) rotundo
    (growth) vigoroso
    (economy) pujante
    (prose) vigoroso
    • Cortisol increases blood sugar levels, which provides the fuel for quick and vigorous physical action.
    • ‘Yardley Oak’ is an account of the life of a tree and it shows all Cowper's strengths in its vigorous blank verse.
    • Change comes from healthy and vigorous debate - and, yes, criticism.
    • Perhaps we are, after all, engaged in a vigorous and healthy debate - on radio at least.
    • Exhibitors reported strong attendance and vigorous sales, with a collective total reaching more than $55 million.
    • She shook her head in vigorous denial, and Angel and Doyle both glanced at her.
    • As a research discipline, archaeology remains in vigorous good health.
    • Democracies may not make physical war against one another, but they certainly engage in vigorous and even aggressive trade disputes.
    • But even this simple statement will meet vigorous objections from some.
    • She married in the face of vigorous objections from her family.
    • Still, there are those who would stifle healthy and vigorous discussion of economic issues in the name of authority.
    • Therefore the object is more likely to be damage limitation and compromise rather than vigorous defence through a strong intellectual argument.
    • Moderate to vigorous physical activity outside school hours was significantly higher among those pupils who walked both ways than among those using a car, bus, or train.
    • The hunger I felt was the kind you could only get after using up large amounts of energy on vigorous physical activity.
    • I would like to thank the opposition for their vigorous and strong opposition, he added.
    • My body no longer bounces back from the vigorous physical activity I had been accustomed to.
    • If you appear to have exercise-induced asthma, you may bring on symptoms by doing vigorous physical activity.
    • He is being put through a vigorous physical fitness programme which includes stamina, gym work, endurance running and weight training.
    • A strong and vigorous culture of learning and teaching needs to be brought back to the classroom as a matter of urgency.
    • There's no question that patients can live a healthy, normal, vigorous life after having a cardiac event.
    • However, vigorous aerobic exercise, like hard running or strenuous hiking, produces pronounced changes.
    • Persons with heart problems, diabetes or other chronic health problems should consult their physician before beginning a vigorous exercise regime.
    • Lifestyle physical activity may be more successful than structured and more vigorous exercise in motivating sedentary and overweight persons.
    • Trying to sweat out a cold and fever with vigorous physical exercise is a really bad idea.
    • Straightening up, Miranda could see he was sweating profusely, as if he'd just finished some vigorous physical activity.
    • This is a full and vigorous debate, and the member is within the Standing Orders.
    • The Romanow report gives vigorous expression to the health care system as a reflection of Canada's social values, and as a way that Canadians define themselves.
    • We're not getting anything done to keep our economy vigorous and strong, whether it be manufacturing, services or anything else.
    • The language is often colloquial and vigorous.
    • Our data, however, suggest a need for more vigorous public health strategies to eliminate the influence of these products on children.
    • Against her mother's vigorous objections, Di decides to go by foot to the city to find Changyu.
    • Desdemona speaks in a vigorous plain language with a strong ethical dimension.
    • A strong and vigorous man, George preached living life to its fullest, approaching each day with vitality and courage.
    • Supervised vigorous aerobic exercise programs improve smoking abstinence rates in women trying to quit smoking.
    • Be vigorous and full of energy, and make ceaseless efforts.
    • How does vigorous exercise effect your energy level?
    • Everyone sees the need for a strong and vigorous domestic steel industry.
    • A further concern was that one in 10 girls and one in 20 boys reported that they took part in vigorous physical activity ‘less than once a week or never’.
    • Certainly, despite vigorous denials, there was tension between the two during filming.
    • A healthy level of vigorous debate is the vital spark of any relationship.
    • Michael Howard, Tory leader: ‘Local press play a crucial role in keeping local democracy vigorous and healthy.’
    • However, heart transplant patients should avoid vigorous physical activities.
    • Half of young people between ages of 12 to 21 engage in no regular vigorous physical activity.
    • Fewer than one in four children perform 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity a day.
    • We are committed to a healthy and vigorous debate at the state level in which the people decide, not judges.
    • How can you trumpet a strong military and a vigorous foreign policy and then insist on small government?
    • It's easy to imagine idealized law schools, places full of vigorous debate.
    • There's sometimes a fine line between vigorous, healthy debate and angry, unproductive arguments.
    • This is a vigorous and healthy industry with a strong foundation.
    • After a healthy life, this vigorous, energetic, dynamic man was gone at age 59.
    • It's a vigorous language, by turns colloquial and formal, precise, even-toned, elegant, sly, ironic, subtle and funny.
    • This program will tell us what is now known about aging, how to slow aging and create healthy, vigorous older years.
    • More than a third of young people in grades 9-12 do not regularly engage in vigorous physical activity.
    • In place of the slender, dark Italian fashion victims, the young women of Austria were blonde and freshly scrubbed, with vigorous, healthy chests and an engaging manner.
    • The Concertino is vigorous, full of delightful ideas, well worked-out.
    • And the pope, we're told, kept up his full, vigorous schedule this Christmas Eve, despite his frail health.
    • The soul that is vigorous and healthy will experience spiritual pleasure, while the soul that is ill or injured will experience spiritual pain.
    • Unfortunately this lack of vigorous physical exercise has resulted in an increase of various illnesses.
    • Faced with a crisis of enormous proportions, how do we motivate governments to mount a vigorous public health response?
    • So, the first thing that is needed is a vigorous strategy for pursuing full employment and eliminating poverty.