Translation of vigorously in Spanish:


enérgicamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪɡ(ə)rəsli//ˈvɪɡ(ə)rəsli/


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    (exercise) enérgicamente
    (protest) enérgicamente
    (deny) rotundamente
    (grow) vigorosamente
    • He looked to have been caught but made his protests too vigorously for the referee, who booked the striker.
    • They fielded vigorously, bowled straight on a length, and batted patiently.
    • "But really, he does, dear," said Aria, making a face at Christopher after he shook his head vigorously.
    • I vigorously deny being involved, much less behind the current crisis facing the Estrada government.
    • He said the new government under the leadership of Shaukat Aziz will work vigorously for the development and prosperity of the country.
    • TI said it will vigorously contest the filing.
    • Jo and her employer, an attorney who vigorously opposes the death penalty, do all they can to win a reprieve for Taylor.
    • While sipping on her lemonade, Elizabeth was surprised when her arm was jogged by Miss Bingley, who was vigorously fanning herself.
    • They give us a hearty thumbs-up and vigorously wave and pump their hands.
    • This mixture is rubbed vigorously into the scalp.
    • He vigorously patted and rubbed his sweaty head, which was either steaming or actually had been on lire.
    • Ashlee nodded vigorously, " It was freaky.
    • Millikan benefited from this trend and worked vigorously to accelerate it.
    • If you apply Prolink and wipe the chain vigorously after a few minutes do you remove most of the good stuff along with the bad?
    • The discrimination against women in the name of caste and creed and the resultant ostracising too would be fought vigorously.
    • Casper shook her head vigorously, clearing it of the fuzzy, heavy feeling that her tears had brought on.
    • Whisk vigorously allowing it to thicken.
    • A Glencore spokesman "vigorously disputes" the charges.
    • The final suspension was shaken vigorously for 10 secs and cooled on ice for 15 min.
    • Georgiana nodded her head vigorously.
    • Now, he's fighting this extradition very vigorously.
    • The Justice Department should enforce the laws more vigorously.
    • It remains to be seen how far and how vigorously these leads will be pursued.
    • The best method for routine hand washing is to cover the hands with soap and vigorously rub for at least 10 seconds.
    • Some of those who objected to our stance most vigorously were amongst those whom you condemn.
    • In the 1860 presidential election Lovejoy campaigned vigorously for Abraham Lincoln.
    • Haddad, his lawyers and supporters have vigorously opposed such allegations.
    • Brian shook his head vigorously.
    • It was quite refreshing to see people who train wholeheartedly, and vigorously with mutual respect, there were no inflated egos here.
    • Pour the eggs and sugar into a large mixing bowl and whisk vigorously, until the sugar has dissolved.
    • Not only the existence of corruption is denied but corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are vigorously defended.
    • The obvious interpretation put on each ministerial speech has been vigorously denied by Downing Street.
    • We considered simulcasting on radio, but didn't get much initial interest from stations and didn't pursue it too vigorously.
    • A few audience members vigorously nodded their heads in a "Hear, Hear" manner.
    • We must vigorously pursue methods to improve the quality of self-report data on sexuality.
    • Archie nodded again, a little more vigorously.
    • Lily nodded her head vigorously.
    • Amnesty International, the human rights group that campaigned vigorously to save Miss Darabi, led the condemnation.
    • The theatergoers applauded her as vigorously as Mary and I had at home.