Translation of vile in Spanish:


vil, adj.

Pronunciation /vʌɪl//vaɪl/

adjectivevilest, viler

  • 1literary

    (evil, despicable)
    vil literary
    a vile murder un vil asesinato literary
    • Your vile protest signs and offensive chants made sure of that.
    • Everything about the murder case has been vile.
    • These were vile acts of political murder, emerging from a political context created, in part, by Western statecraft and driven by political goals.
    • Am I talking about that vile new scourge, black tar heroin?
    • If you were living under that kind of vile, murderous dictatorship, would you not want someone to come in and save you?
    • It was used as a place where the pagan worshipers did all sorts of vile and wicked things - including burning children alive as sacrifices to the idols Moloch and Baal.
    • A top cricket coach has been jailed for 15 months after downloading vile pictures of children on his computer.
    • Although the vile black substance is poisonous to all moving and breathing things, it is very beneficial to plants.
    • Many regarded him as a saint, but he was an evil, vile, horrible man.
    • I do not see how you gain by adding to his family's pain with your vile insults and cruel words.
    • At the heart of the story was a particularly vile villain.
    • The pages blaze with a passionate desire to see justice for the people tortured and murdered by his vile regime.
    • A poisonous racist, a supporter of eugenics, a proponent of mass murder, a vile imperialist and… an apologist for Fascism?
    • In the end, you have killed a vile murderer who would otherwise have escaped justice, perhaps to kill again.
    • His character is so vile and cruel that he seems to have lost his soul somewhere in the jungles of Peru.
    • This vile display shows a contempt for all the rules of warfare, and all the bounds of civilized behavior.
    • After all, the thought of murdering Claudius, vile and hated though he was, still repelled Hamlet.
    • She pushed him over the edge, from simple gigolo to vile murderer.
    • By this time, Dorian Grey had become totally corrupt, as vile and ugly as the figure in the portrait.
    • ‘The terrorists who are seeking to destroy the country have struck a cruel blow with this vile act today,’ he said.
  • 2informal

    (taste) vomitivo informal
    (taste) asqueroso
    (taste) repugnante
    (weather/color) horrible
    (color/weather) inmundo
    to be in a vile mood/temper estar de un humor de perros informal
    • to have a vile temper tener muy mal genio
    • to be vile to sb portarse como un cerdo con algn
    • to be vile about sb/sth ensañarse con algn/algo
    • After being orphaned, he's living with his dreadful aunt, uncle and cousin, all of whom are vile and nasty to Potter.
    • As Michael opened his mouth I smelt the vile stench of liquor on his breath.
    • Perfume that smells heavenly on your sister can smell vile on you.
    • They are now demanding that the old sewers beneath the streets of the city be brought up to date in an attempt to rid the area of the vile smell.
    • In the summer of 2002 he said the smell was sometimes so vile, his wife Maureen was unable to sleep.
    • Make war as vile and horrid as you can, he reasoned, and people will feel all the less inclined to resort to it.
    • Also, my lack of sense of taste and smell means that I can't truly appreciate just how vile the office coffee is.
    • Howard didn't remember the stuff smelling quite so vile before, but then he never had it applied to his hide in quite such liberal quantities.
    • Apart from bees, most insects seem to have little or no purpose in life, but everything about rats is evil, dirty and vile.
    • He was sure I'd would say something vulgar, vile, or extremely arrogant; it was how I'd worked.
    • I know Rob has been going through a tough time lately, but his blog has become vile and nasty.
    • He also remembers a bottle of brown medicine that was so vile to smell that even his mother had to hold it at arm's length.
    • Harris was a Glaswegian Greek-Cypriot with a vile temper.
    • The amount of dog mess on the pathway is absolutely vile and disgusting, in places it is totally unavoidable.
    • It was, as you would expect, a pretty vile and unpleasant week.
    • I have never understood why little old ladies cover themselves and their houses in vile lavender smelling scents but I do now.
    • Get on plane, decline the vile coffee, and fly to next city.
    • I won't have such vile, offensive language on this show.
    • Well, scientists have created a smell that is so vile that it can make even the tough guys gag.
    • Seagulls really are disgusting, nasty, vile animals, naturally horrible, and made worse by hanging out with humans presumably.