Translation of village in Spanish:


pueblo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪlɪdʒ//ˈvɪlɪdʒ/


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    (large) pueblo masculine
    (small) aldea feminine
    the Olympic village la ciudad olímpica
    • the global village la aldea global
    • the village idiot el tonto del pueblo
    • village life la vida de pueblo
    • In many rural areas the police abandon villages and small towns after 5pm.
    • In villages and rural areas, Clifden and Carraroe are likely to see growth in employment and services.
    • The charity is even planning a portable gym that can be packed in a van and taken to village halls in the area.
    • Deaths can be prevented by drivers slowing down for the sake of our kids, particularly in towns, villages and on rural roads.
    • The population was essentially rural with numerous small villages and towns housing less than 1000 people.
    • This space is a maze of back roads, a pattern of small hills, fine houses and pretty little villages.
    • It has a busy town of characteristic corrugated iron buildings, and fishing villages of leaf houses built on poles over the water.
    • The main town would be the central point of an area with the outriding hamlets and villages contributing to the town's collection.
    • In rural areas, villages are often composed of kin groups that offer support during difficult times.
    • In seaside towns and villages, tourism and fishing are important parts of the economy.
    • Today one increasingly finds modern block and cement houses in both provincial villages and urban areas.
    • People can vote at the village post office, in the village hall or post their ballot slip to the county council.
    • Thankfully there are many more enlightened towns and villages in the area that welcome visitors however they may travel.
    • The Swinford / Charlestown route will run on Tuesdays and will connect towns and villages in the area.
    • The coast I like, towns, villages, and even hamlets I like, but the countryside and I do not really get on.
    • It enhances the rural areas and towns and villages look so much better when litter free.
    • The role of women differs greatly between middle-class urban areas and rural villages.
    • The building later became the village hall, then a youth hostel with community use in the winter.
    • In many towns and villages, such a house acts not only as a place to live, but also as a tourist attraction, bringing visitors in their droves.
    • The parish council has also voiced its unease at more houses in the village and wants the area for community use.