Translation of violence in Spanish:


violencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvaɪ(ə)ləns//ˈvʌɪəl(ə)ns/


  • 1

    (physical force)
    violencia feminine
    to use violence hacer uso de la fuerza / de la violencia
    • he threatened me with violence me amenazó con recurrir a la violencia
    • a rise in levels of violence una escalada de violencia
    • robbery with violence robo (con fuerza / violencia)
    • Family violence is one of the most insidious forms of violence against women.
    • The aims of the campaign are to highlight the prevalence of violence against women.
    • What I do not respect however is people who kill or otherwise use violence against people for any reason.
    • More people were killed in political violence in those four years, than in the previous thirty.
    • New laws could be passed in a bid to tackle the increasing levels of violence against nurses and hospital staff.
    • All four defendants deny they were responsible for any of the violence against him.
    • His attitude showed how domestic violence can be as damaging mentally as it is physically.
    • The trouble then spreads to town centre takeaways with incidents of criminal damage and violence.
    • The most serious incidents include criminal damage and violence against people.
    • What hurts most about domestic violence is that the bruises on your body are created by somebody you love.
    • We found a clear relation between experiencing controlling behaviour and violence.
    • The scheme comes about in response to increased levels of violence against health workers.
    • It is now being recognised that there is a problem of increased violence against staff.
    • Poor behaviour and violence in class is said to be one of the most challenging aspects of teaching.
    • She is pushing for changes in the penal code for rape and violence against women.
    • There had been some physical violence, but a court safety order seemed to sort that.
    • He began life in a violent way but has learnt to channel that physical violence into creative energy.
    • One act of violence against another is an act of violence against one's self.
    • Police have warned fans that that any violence or bad behaviour will not be tolerated.
    • But the down side is the possibility of violence and bad behaviour on the streets.
  • 2

    (of storm, reaction, emotion)
    violencia feminine
    • Alarmed by the violence of her sorrow and by being a witness to it, but impatient with the sorrow itself, Ray was a poor pacifier.
    • No blood is spilled in the book - but its emotional violence is devastating.
    • The violence of the wind had lessened - though the air remained redolent with the smell of dust.