Translation of violent in Spanish:


violento, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪəl(ə)nt//ˈvaɪ(ə)lənt/


  • 1

    (involving physical force)
    (person/behavior) violento
    he met a violent death tuvo una muerte violenta
    • to get violent ponerse violento
    • Extra security staff will be on call when a GP thinks a patient could turn violent.
    • She carries a small wooden truncheon tucked up her sleeve in case her customers turn violent.
    • While the overwhelming majority aim to be peaceful there are fears that some protests may turn violent.
    • The convictions are for offences ranging from violent assault to criminal damage.
    • Really, it's amazing that more people don't die violent deaths at the hands of their roommates.
    • He added that they were reviewing violent deaths over the past few months to see if there might be connections.
    • The neighbour said they were all worried he would flip and turn violent.
    • Not because he might turn violent - he has never been violent towards me - but he often conceals things from me.
    • Part four contains six short strident emotive poems while part five has an allegorical poem on violent death.
    • I've watched violent films, read about murderers and I think I'm a pretty normal person.
    • As well as looking into unexpected or violent deaths in their district, the coroner inquires into finds of treasure.
    • He began to turn violent against my mum, smashing up the house and threatening her.
    • The inquest heard she was subjected to ‘a number of violent physical assaults’.
    • Up to two security guards will be on hand to protect doctors in case patients with a history of aggression turn violent.
    • At one point, things threatened to turn violent, but police arrived and calmed the volatile situation down.
    • Saboteurs have pledged to disrupt hunts over Christmas and predict they will turn violent.
    • This new workers' organisation was forced into violent confrontation with the state.
    • It's just the room full of drunks are more likely to turn violent.
    • Boxing, with all its physical and violent dimensions, is considered a man's sport.
    • Somehow I received a stronger dose of a drug than was necessary, provoking an instant and violent physical reaction.
  • 2

    (strong, forceful)
    (kick/storm/explosion) violento
    (explosion/kick/storm) fuerte
    (grief) intenso
    (pain) violento
    (pain) intenso
    (contrast) fuerte
    he has a violent temper tiene muy mal genio
    • she took a violent dislike to him le tomó una manía terrible
    • I bent over to pick her up, but with a sudden spasm of violent energy she angrily pushed herself off.
    • No other individual currently on our screens and in our tabloids can solicit such violent hatred from my otherwise amiable self.
    • But as their relationship developed, it became clear he had an alcohol problem which set off a violent temper.
    • As a result of his injuries, Karl suffered violent mood swings, and spent the next 15 years in hospital care.
    • The violent movement produces powerful shockwaves traveling at the speed of sound.
    • The most violent volcanoes occur at destructive plate margins, where one plate is consuming another.
    • A woman driver was thrown to the ground in a violent road rage attack on Tuesday morning.
    • Perhaps using computer games like these to express violent impulses makes for a happier, healthier society.
    • Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity, ranging from mild irritation to violent rage.
    • Cinaed leaned down slightly for his yell to be heard over the violent force of the storm.
    • A guidance counsellor suggested he channel his violent energies into drama.
    • Somehow I just love those violent eruptions in the sky and the ensuing downpour of torrential rain.
    • The most violent impulses of young soldiers have been played upon and promoted.
    • Arnold ploughed his violent ambition into his own body by working out constantly.
    • In National, party presidents are despised on principle, and with a violent passion.
    • What would make them turn to such violent and destructive actions to destroy their own country.
    • In these situations jealousy can seem like a logical reaction to an emotionally violent incident.
    • This in turn has led to violent resentment on the part of those left out.
    • He projected his own violent moods on to the canvas in red and green.
    • If everything was not perfect, he could fly into a violent rage.