Translation of virginity in Spanish:


virginidad, n.

Pronunciation /vəˈdʒɪnɪti//vərˈdʒɪnədi/


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    virginidad feminine
    to lose one's virginity perder la virginidad
    • I practically lost my virginity by accident and I was a late starter.
    • When women discuss their sexual history they tend to raise the age at which they lost their virginity or reduce the number of partners they've had.
    • Most of them are still virgins, or lost their virginity in the last year.
    • Yet, while attitudes are becoming more open, virginity is still seen as an important virtue.
    • I lost my virginity at the age of 15 to my boyfriend at that time.
    • It was a wonderful evening which I will never forget, especially as I nearly lost my virginity on the way back!
    • We eventually lost our virginity together and occasionally spoke of marriage.
    • The Sixties completely wiped away the notion that virginity was essential to respectability and decency.
    • I lost my virginity to a girl whose name I didn't know, in a sleeping bag on the floor of my mother's abandoned Fifth Avenue apartment.
    • But then I thought well, that's only one a year since I lost my virginity.
    • It is where I first got drunk, had my first cigarette and lost my virginity.
    • She had lost her virginity to him and he hadn't even thought about the fact that she might not have wanted to.
    • He lost his virginity in a very nice way and he's become a fairly good client since…
    • I believe he does care for me, and pray that he wouldn't be just using me, as I lost my virginity to this man.
    • We all got athlete's foot, one lad lost his virginity and at least two people came away with a sexually transmitted disease.
    • She wanted to be in love when she lost her virginity, and I loved her for that.
    • I think it's pretty odd that people are still equating virginity with purity.
    • Buffon goes on to say that virginity, which is a virtue, has been transformed into a physical object and made a concern for all men.
    • They both ended up stripping the rest of their clothes off, and Lily lost her virginity that night.
    • Drama School finishes and we all go back to our respective homes - my virginity still firmly intact.