Translation of virtually in Spanish:


prácticamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈvərtʃ(u)əli//ˈvəːtʃʊəli/


  • 1

    • In practice this decision made virtually no difference to the final cut off points.
    • The conservation area in Keighley town centre is set to be virtually doubled.
    • You'll need a car to get around Idaho as public transport is virtually non-existent.
    • The building was virtually destroyed in the blaze, which broke out late on Saturday night.
    • There's been virtually no enforcement of the bus lanes since they were introduced a few years ago.
    • Olive had found the meadow quite charming and had virtually claimed it as her own.
    • Detox diets are quite popular now, where you virtually fast for a week to get rid of all the toxins in your body.
    • His act has consisted of virtually nothing else throughout his entire career.
    • They headed out before the nightclub closed, which was virtually a first for Mac.
    • Outside, everything was as damp and dreary as virtually every day of this sopping wet month has been.
    • In other words, unless a thief is stealing it for personal use, it would be virtually worthless.
    • With virtually no spare money, exciting holidays had been out of the question.
    • It called again about quarter of an hour later from virtually the same spot above my head.
    • They spend most of their waking hours caring for them and are often woken at night, but get virtually no help.
    • Malton has virtually completed all the work necessary, both in the cattle shed and the sheep shed.
    • It is virtually impossible to find anyone close to him who thinks Sellers was happy.
    • This is virtually a derby game between two teams that have shown good form this season.
    • Salford, on the other had, accepted virtually every opportunity that came their way.
    • Now when a conversation like this starts in the post office it tend to be taken up by virtually everyone in the Dale.
    • We knew that, if our daughter survived, she would lead a virtually normal life.
  • 2

    (by means of a computer)
    • Pretty much any control button found on a handheld console can be imitated virtually on screen.