Translation of virtue in Spanish:


virtud, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvəːtʃuː//ˈvərtʃu//ˈvəːtjuː/


  • 1

    (moral excellence)
    virtud feminine
    • The primary moral virtue associated with beauty is holiness.
    • For Kant, divine goodness is known as a postulate of pure practical reason: God must be there to reward virtue and punish evil.
    • It forces heroes and heroines to act out of character and rewards vice with virtue.
    • In the Confucian view, the elder brother is meant to enable his younger brothers and sisters to cultivate their virtue by providing a moral example for them.
    • An older sister, Sophie, had died aged six months but throughout Aldiss's childhood she was held up as a paragon of childlike virtue, a moralistic ghost hovering over him.
    • It is very difficult to discuss ethical or morals questions such as virtue in a moderate or reasonable way.
    • The distinction between freedom and voluntariness is explicit in the discussion of moral virtue by Spinoza, Gilson, and Murdoch.
    • There is no vice and virtue, no moral framework to locate the individual within the cosmic infinity of the universe.
    • Imagine someone voting for Feingold and then not living up to a Feingoldesque standard of virtue?
    • I don't want to demand either that every story show virtue rewarded, or that every story show vice triumphant in our bad world.
    • And to him a higher standard of virtue would always be applied.
    • The man was one of great virtue, and his morals were admired by everyone.
    • It is by goodness and piety that man reaches perfect happiness: virtue is its own reward.
    • The human expression of this perfection is virtue, moral and intellectual.
    • They established personal standards of piety and virtue that no other group of people since then can match.
    • Some hold that what makes any person fundamentally deserving of good or bad fortune is her level of virtue or moral merit.
    • He notes that vice is punished and virtue rewarded in most of the director's many babelicious films.
    • But he kept his religious views a secret, and thus spread good works instead of wasting valuable time and energy on a public performance of moral virtue.
    • In effect you're still rewarding vice, and punishing virtue.
    • Well, read on and decide for yourselves just what standards of journalistic virtue these folks aspire to.
  • 2

    ventaja feminine
    • He began his programme by extolling the virtues of Swindon, and then moved on to a self-written humorous cry about the misuse of the English language.
    • For many years now my bargain-hungry brethren have been extolling the virtues of car boot sales.
    • The survey has been conducted in conjunction with the Daily Telegraph, which has been in the town taking pictures to extol Skipton's virtues.
    • Both Sashinka and a friend at work have recently extolled the virtues of a wheat- and dairy-free diet in terms of improved energy levels and weight loss.
    • However when asked to elaborate what the real issues were, he declined to comment, and instead extolled the virtues of his new buffalo.
    • That sparked the Herald writer to extol the virtues of the car.
    • We also welcome Libby Purves to the pages of the magazine. Her first column extols the virtues of joining in - be it World Cup fervour or Jubilee joy.
    • On my first day of work, he extolled the virtues of the café, and interrogated me about my lunch when I returned.
    • As I said then, it is a virtue of a court system that the court constantly checks its will against a proper view of its limits.
    • It may seem wrong to extol the virtues of the English but with such a large Lions touring party, it is always likely to be skewed towards the biggest nation with strength in depth.
    • Ibu Nurul, 25, the mother of a five-year-old boy, extols the virtues of the IUD.
    • Mr Derbyshire refers to Bolton street lights being powered by Welsh wind farms, and thereby extols their virtues.
    • But how many commentaries have you read that actually knowledgeably extol the virtues of this ancient culture?
    • In poetic words of dazzling imagery, the bards extolled the tribal virtues of honour, courage, generosity, fidelity and revenge.
    • She is familiar on these shores as a daytime television regular where she extols the virtues of expat life under the Mediterranean sun to more than a million viewers a day.
    • He was extolling the virtues of going to the gym every day, and how I ought do it, and he was so happy he was going to live to be 106.
    • Great thinkers throughout history have extolled the virtues of doubt.
    • How could a man who so clearly extolled the virtues and simplicity of the continental structure in its early days seem so utterly clueless about it?
    • I am sick of the amassed forces of TV punditry extolling the virtues of the Brazilian style of football.
    • The priest was summoned to give Paddy a dressing down about some mischief he had been getting into and to extol the virtues and benefits of living a good life.
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    • 3.1(effectiveness)

      efectividad feminine

  • 4

    (chastity, fidelity)
    virtud feminine