Translation of virtuoso in Spanish:


virtuoso, n.

Pronunciation /ˌvərtʃəˈwoʊsoʊ//ˌvəːtʃʊˈəʊzəʊ//ˌvəːtʃʊˈəʊsəʊ/


  • 1

    virtuoso masculine
    virtuosa feminine
    artista feminine
    (performance/playing) (before noun) propio de un virtuoso
    a virtuoso display of diplomacy un despliegue de gran habilidad diplomática
    • Masters like Sorolla, Bouguereau, Zorn and Repin were painting virtuosos.
    • Puritan writers in New England were virtuosos of the genre.
    • He joins the illustrious ranks of blind virtuosos, alongside renowned organists and other musicians who have triumphed against physical handicap.
    • However, there are so few viola concerti - especially by major composers - that virtuosi seemed driven to perform it anyway.
    • Johan becomes a virtuoso of classical music, a driving force who cannot be ignored.
    • The musicians from the Laureate trio staged a virtuoso performance at a concert marking the launching of their new album on Monday.
    • Now the virtuoso guitarist/composer's classical roots are calling him back.
    • The next week they toured Europe with a Bartok third quartet that had virtuoso fiddlers agape with admiration.
    • All this music needs is a virtuoso with technique to burn and a grand array of tonal colors.
    • The work is a sophisticated, synoptic genre piece, its composition and bravura brushwork invoking forerunners from flashy late Mannerists to late Baroque virtuosos such as Crespi or Piazzetta.
    • Such virtuoso, highly finished bronze groups can be seen as the last gasp of the great tradition of Florentine art.
    • It is not enough to see the painting as a virtuoso manipulation of historical styles.
    • He's an extraordinary fiddle player with a virtuoso technique married to musical mind that won't take anything for granted.
    • With them, the concerto moves from the virtuoso star turn to distinguished collaboration.
    • It also excludes music for virtuoso display in the large concert hall, even though only a few instruments may be involved.
    • This virtuoso short story collection is emotionally uncompromising and stylistically daring.
    • Is it a study, which is unusual for copper, or an exercise in virtuoso brushwork, for which it seems unusually small?
    • The title makes obvious reference to basketball, a sport of virtuoso movement.
    • Walker began his musical career as a virtuoso pianist, with composing and teaching work coming later.
    • Something else they share is that neither is recognised as a virtuoso showpiece for the pianist.