Translation of virulent in Spanish:


virulento, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪrʊl(ə)nt//ˈvɪr(j)ələnt//ˈvɪrjʊl(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (infection) virulento
    (opposition/attack) violento
    (attack/opposition) virulento
    • Bhisham Sahni's ‘Saag Meat’ is a gentle but virulent attack on the hypocrisy that affluent middle class India continues to live its life with.
    • When the next human ship came the native's story of a virulent disease fatal to humans was duly noted and dispatched back to the nearest Military outpost along with the recording from the satellite.
    • Violence and gamesmanship are a virulent virus infecting sport.
    • And so massive amounts of radioactivity spewed out in an invisible cloud which spread the most virulent poison all over the land.
    • Both pack a virulent poison in their dorsal spines, so you must not touch anything, even what appears to be a rock, while diving.
    • One little sip of this antidote would have rendered the most virulent poisons of the Borgias innocuous.
    • Ultimately this defense was transmogrified into a virulent attack on the Danish State Lutheran Church.
    • They try, judge and convict individuals who cannot defend themselves from such virulent attacks.
    • 36 patients in five Montreal hospitals have died from a virulent infection, officials confirmed Friday.
    • What surprised me most about that election year was the amazingly virulent attacks on Gore from the left.
    • Chinese health officials say that the strain is extremely virulent and killed one farmer in as little as two hours.
    • His supporters also launched a virulent attack on Kemp.
    • A preliminary investigation found that the symptoms displayed by the victims were similar to those caused by a virulent poison used to kill rats.
    • And on the nursing front, Alwin notes that there's been an outbreak of atypical pneumonias in Asia, possibly harbingers of a more virulent flu strain to come.
    • Over the years, founder Ted Byfield has been particularly virulent in his attacks on the mindset that is increasingly reliant on government handouts and regulation.
    • If you weren't contaminated before, you'll be in close contact with long-lived virulent nasties soon's you handle one of those magazines.
    • But the episode reveals how far this virulent disease has spread through the body corporate.
    • This work thus presages the more virulent attack on the German socialists to be found in the Communist Manifesto, produced two years later.
    • There is no question that the outbreak of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) has focused the world's attention on the dangers of how easily a virulent disease can spread around the globe.
    • Mr Duncan Smith launched his most virulent attack yet on the suspected plotters in an article in The Spectator in which he acknowledged some in the party were convinced he should not be leader.
    • Not every fever or cough is likely to be this virulent pneumonia.
    • When word came that Iron Mike had been floored by a virulent attack of the sniffles, his disconsolate well-wishers had to shuffle off without meeting their thick-necked hero.
    • Here is a woman who is trying to defeat a horribly virulent disease in rice, one that destroys millions of acres in Asia, and she's using molecular techniques to do it.
    • The court and all those able to move into the countryside prudently did so, as the disease was less virulent there.
    • The more virulent attacks come from Western intellectuals.
    • The Washington Times and the Unification Church's Insight were among the more virulent attackers of Bill Clinton.
    • Five to 15 days after exposure a pneumonia that is not very different from other less virulent pneumonias acquired in the community (outside a hospital) develops.
    • Hitler's anti-Semitism, virulent nationalism, and antisocialism were simply more extreme than those shared by earlier German leaders and ‘ordinary Germans’.
    • In speaking to Nazi friends, I've reproached them for the virulent anti-Semitism in their societies.
    • Unless there was an extremely virulent strain of influenza going around, it might not be worth the risk.
    • Ezra Pound's virulent anti-Semitism, his radio broadcasts and tracts in support of Mussolini, stand as potent reminders of the limits and dangers of the human imagination.
    • An understanding of the genetic makeup of the most virulent influenza strain ever seen could help health officials manage possible pandemics in the future.
    • For many, the combination of virulent radicalism and reasoned temperament is wholly seductive, and attacks upon Chomsky by conservatives and centrists have only granted him a martyr's aura.
    • It becomes more obvious that the options the two Parties present to the electorate, offer the unenviable choice between a raging toothache, a migraine, and a virulent attack of the Farmer's.
    • The deal was struck after days of virulent attack and counter attack.
    • Mark Oliver Everett is what epidemiologists and Dustin Hoffman call a hot spot, a highly contagious carrier of an extremely virulent disease who infects anyone who crosses his path.
    • However, it can produce a virulent poison called verotoxin, which attacks organs such as the kidneys.
    • E. A. Freeman's virulent attacks on J. A. Froude for inadequacy in using archives are similarly to be recognized as rhetoric.
    • Their research can help head off not only the Nipah but also other virulent diseases that break out suddenly to plague man and beast.
    • The herpes virus can be virulent, but you'll be surprised to learn that a garden herb can beat the symptoms into submission.
    • You know, I think you have to take a good look at this virulent attack by Barbara.
    • This method, the inoculation of material containing the living organism, itself was not foolproof, since it was not possible to ensure a mild rather than a virulent infection, which might prove fatal.