Translation of vis-à-vis in Spanish:


con respecto a, prep

Pronunciation /ˌviːzɑːˈviː//ˌvizəˈvi/


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    con respecto a
    respecto de
    con relación a
    en relación con
    she's in a difficult position vis-à-vis her colleagues está en una situación violenta frente a sus colegas
    • First, the economic portrait of pre-industrial Italy is described in relative terms, both vis-à-vis the rest of Europe and in comparison to itself, North and South.
    • This week I want to discuss their relative strengths vis-à-vis their background and policy proposals.
    • Its position in international markets has depended on the relative strength of the US economy vis-à-vis the other major capitalist powers.
    • In the following article Daniel Martel analyzes the relationship between technology and culture vis-à-vis the airline postcard.
    • Mark Twain had a much more radically sceptical view of Shakespeare's writings, especially vis-à-vis their relationship to their author.
    • If the concerns that they entertain vis-à-vis the majority are dealt with justly, they can, in fact, prove to be a powerful force for the defence of India.
    • Actors are more concerned with their absolute well-being than with their relative position vis-à-vis others.
    • If a couple has worked out a modus vivendi vis-à-vis their own bank accounts, suddenly having to consider the needs of a third person can be tricky.
    • What is the role of liquidity, financial frictions and the flow of funds for the real economy and the relation of money vis-à-vis a broader range of asset classes?
    • For most of the last fifty years, Hindu nationalists have mixed moderate with militant strategies and selected the appropriate combination depending on their relative strength vis-à-vis other political forces.
    • But in what respect did their conduct, vis-à-vis your client in relation to the design and construction of this fence falls short of the duty they owed?
    • As I got older, I saw things that changed me and my perspective, particularly in relation to the Muslim world vis-à-vis the rest of the world.
    • One of the debates in contemporary evolutionary theory concerns the relative importance of natural selection vis-à-vis the other forces, such as random drift.
    • And it is not to the point to say that it might also apply to Mr Gordon, vis-à-vis his employees.
    • Once that is recognised, it is an order concerning the responsibilities of parents vis-à-vis their children.
    • The reputations of the ministers for these departments vis-à-vis their respective clienteles depend in some measure on how successful they are seen to be in extracting resources for their departments.
    • This is particularly true in Western Canada, where, with the exception of Vancouver, cities exhibit relatively low population densities vis-à-vis some major U.S. cities.
    • I was impressed by their setup, but perhaps too honest with my opinions and overall views on performers vis-à-vis the concert hall and commercial recording scene.
    • But what is the issue of principle that would be raised in this Court concerning any default on the part of the prosecution, vis-à-vis, the defence?
    • Is this making them re-evaluate their foreign relations policy, vis-à-vis Iran, for example?