Translation of visa in Spanish:


visado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvizə//ˈviːzə/

nounPlural visas

  • 1

    visado masculine
    visa feminine Latin America
    entry/exit/transit visa visado de entrada/de salida/de tránsito
    • I would like to think they are currently New Zealand citizens or holders of permanent residence visas.
    • Their trip was blocked even though they had all the necessary permits, visas and plane tickets.
    • The new office is aimed at helping foreign patients with their visas whilst staying the hospital.
    • This rule, by the way, does not apply to routine tourist and non immigrant visa holders.
    • The agency said the visas allowed them to work for a company in Houston, not in San Antonio.
    • How had he been able to travel to Australia in May on a tourist visa, using his own name and passport?
    • He had a British passport and did not need a visa to enter Canada, he said.
    • Students were issued with student visas, which allowed them to work part time for up to 20 hours a week.
    • I now have a restricted visa which allows me work in certain limited areas.
    • Two years after his release, he was granted a tourist visa and fled to Germany.
    • Changes to the working visa regulations have allowed Moorby to finally get his man.
    • The passports were replaced with clean documents, and the men applied for visas to enter the US.
    • He said he has only worked in Europe with business visas, which allow stays of 90 days.
    • A number of freelance journalists are understood to be planning to enter the country on tourist visas.
    • They will be eligible to stay in Thailand as short stay business operators rather than be issued tourist visas.
    • The visas could allow the bearer to travel freely within the European Union.
    • British passport holders don't require visas if staying less than 60 days.
    • The Commonwealth legislates on who does or does not get a visa to enter Australia.
    • The visas allow people to work for any employer in Ireland, for a maximum of two years.
    • Dumai is a port where citizens from most countries can enter Indonesia without a visa.