Translation of visible in Spanish:


visible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪzɪb(ə)l//ˈvɪzəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(able to be seen)

      it's visible to the naked eye se ve a simple vista
      • the farm is visible from the road la granja se ve desde la carretera
      • the visible spectrum el espectro visible
      • More than 180 firefighters fought a blaze that melted cars and lorries, saw half the town evacuated and sent up a plume of smoke that was visible 15 miles away.
      • You can't miss it - it's a bright, pinkish-tinted ‘star’, easily visible even near street lamps.
      • It is visible for miles around due to its medieval tower, known by the locals as le tour Anglais.
      • A towering cloud of black smoke flanked by soaring flames was visible for miles around, providing an awesome and menacing picture of the developing inferno.
      • It still was freezing outside, and the same mountains still were visible 20 miles to the east.
      • With sails unfurled, Cosmos 1 will be bright enough to be easily visible to the naked eye.
      • The memorial takes the form of two projected towers of light, which will beam from dusk until 11 pm, visible for miles around, a hologram of loss.
      • Some say it is visible 34 miles away on a clear day.
      • But some of the park's neighbours have claimed the tower ride, which is visible from several miles away, is an eyesore and have called for its removal.
      • In the early nineties the quarry was an ugly eyesore on the local landscape with plant equipment visible for miles around and emissions of white dust across the local countryside commonplace.
      • The bikes were donated by resident's associations in Milnshaw and Laneside, and officers are easily visible with their bright orange uniforms.
      • Under the agreement, children have also received Be Safe Be Seen accessories such as reflective bands in a bid to make them more easily visible to motorists.
      • Ana Cross stands proud on a tumulus, visible from half a mile away.
      • If sufficient, the firm is planning to build a wind farm of up to 30 turbines which, at 90 metres high, would be visible for miles around.
      • Smaller patches of oil were visible less than three miles from the north-western coast, officials said.
      • Before you turn south note that north-west, about half a mile away and probably visible is Ana Cross, a tall, complete cross shape and a magnet for walkers and bikers.
      • In the forty miles of landscape visible from the hilltop, those two towers were the only buildings in sight.
      • Newly-erected wind turbines on the Braes of Doune, Perthshire are visible 10 miles away in Bannockburn.
      • The day was super clear, yet York wasn't visible at 30 miles.
      • The flames have been burning a path across southern California, a combustible mix of hot air and nature's unquenchable rage visible for miles around and scarring everything in its path.
      • The main gateway to St Jude's Shrine becomes visible a mile or so out of Omeath on the main road to Carlingford in Ireland's County Louth.
      • Towering above the frankly nondescript suburbs of a frankly nondescript town, the Big Swan stadium was visible from miles away.
      • The horse, visible from many miles away across the Vale of York, is 340 feet long and 228 feet high, and covers about an acre.
      • An enormous hole had been made by the impact of the projectile, and the sand and gravel had been flung violently in every direction over the heath, forming heaps visible a mile and a half away.

    • 1.2(noticeable)

      (improvement/sign) evidente
      (improvement/sign) palpable
      with no visible means of support aparentemente sin recursos
      • her distress was visible su angustia era evidente / notoria
      • this trend is already visible in many European countries esta tendencia ya es manifiesta en muchos países europeos
      • This link need not be the most prominent on the homepage, but it should be present and easily visible.
      • The outline of the outer walls of the cottage is easily visible as a brace of teenagers scratch away at the earth.
      • In the illustration the water was clear, so each feature of the dugong was easily visible.
      • She hasn't got a bad back or broken leg or some other easily visible form of injury.
      • ‘The cafe is at the front and easily visible through the clear glass frontages and so is a very open and welcoming environment,’ he said.
      • Too many people leave windows and doors open or unlocked; leave attractive or valuable items easily visible; make the assumption that all will remain intact.
      • Vocal skill development is an interesting example, for there is no obvious visible or easily manipulable body part engaged in the activity.
      • First-year pine seedlings, grown in the greenhouse in southern Finland, will set an easily visible terminal bud toward the end of the summer.
      • In practice many basalts also contain easily visible crystals of feldspar, pyroxene, olivine, or amphibole.
      • He said missing panels on the walkway would not have been easily visible to passengers.
      • As I admire the beauty of the Three Peaks from a distance I notice the visible scars of the footpaths, which is a testament to the erosion caused by thousands of walking boots.
      • Lynn also suggests handrails on either side of the steps, and painting a white line across the top of each step, to make it more easily visible to those with poor sight.
      • They are easily visible on white painted walls and ceilings.
      • But we are noticing a visible difference in the garbage we buy for compost.
      • Such damage might not be easily visible from a distance, but it is surprising how often a large number of small scratches ruin the look of a painstakingly crafted piece of jewellery.
      • The swelling protrudes and is easily visible; its blackish coloring gives the disease its name: the Black Death.
      • There is a sign for road users to say the crossing is not yet in use, but nothing to say this, easily visible, for footpath users!
      • A visible change was noticed in places where the public gathered.
      • At the end of the trials all mussels were examined for any visible signs of external damage such as chips to the outer margins of the shell.
      • The artery should be easily palpable or visible with transillumination.

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    (earnings/exports) visible