Translation of visit in Spanish:


visita, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪzɪt//ˈvɪzɪt/


  • 1

    (brief call, stay, trip)
    visita feminine
    we had a visit from the health inspector el inspector de sanidad nos hizo una visita
    • to pay a visit to sb ir a ver a algn
    • to pay a visit to sth visitar algo
    • I must just go and pay a visit necesito lavarme las manos
    • this is my first visit to Rome esta es la primera visita que hago a Roma
    • a private/an official visit to Washington/Moscow una visita privada/oficial a Washington/Moscú
    • He moved to Johannesburg in 1903 and, in between return visits to India, stayed in the country for 21 years before going back to his homeland.
    • During his visit, he is staying with Bronek Rejek, a prominent figure within the Swindon Polish community.
    • At present, the city receives over 2 million expatriates on temporary visits to Shanghai every year.
    • Jamie Kennedy is a cooking legend in Ontario, and we had been advised to pay him a visit.
    • A few years later, Esther made her first visit to France and stayed a few days with some French friends of mine.
    • The Prince had been staying at Yew Tree Farm, Rosthwaite, where he also stayed during his last visit to the county.
    • One of their most popular rooms is called the Churchill Suite, where it is believed Churchill stayed during his visits.
    • The photographs were exhibited for the first time at a resort in Pulimkudy, where the couple have been staying during their three visits to Kerala so far.
    • I was at first seduced by the usual friendly warmth I encountered, but after many visits and stays of several months, I have lost patience.
    • I can't stop thinking about my visit to Germany around Christmas time two years ago.
    • When I was in London I popped up to Kettering to pay him a visit.
    • Yes the good doctor has been gracious enough to pay me a visit tonight.
    • Pay them a visit as they appreciate any business that might come their way.
    • Longer stays and midweek visits are also usually available at competitive prices.
    • Having ranted considerably, welcome to my new English civilian female friend who has decided to pay me a visit in the club this evening.
    • I have an apartment where I stay during my visits to Sofia and I give employment to more than 40 people around the country.
    • Here comes too much peace and quiet, while we wait for our demons to shake off their hangovers and pay us a visit.
    • It's a little empty at the moment, but pay him a visit anyway.
    • It was meant to be a temporary visit, but Tokyo broke its promise, and said they were not going back.
    • Joao has lots of interesting posts transcribed from English-language sources so pay him a visit.
    • If you have lost your pet recently, please pay us a visit, your dog may be here at Manchester Dogs' Home waiting to be claimed.
    • On our recent visits, we have stayed at an excellent B & B, which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone planning a visit.
    • Unfeeling officials pay her a visit and briefly explain the details.
    • Better keep your friend and your roots for wonderful visits, and stay where you already have not only friends but also your network of casual acquaintances - your world.
    • It was in these dormer bedrooms that Alan Crawford and his family stayed during their weekend visits.
    • Ilandere had become accepted as part of the winter household, as lots of nobles stay for extended visits at each other's mansions.
    • So, as a special surprise to Kelly, I decided to pay her a visit.
    • One night my mother must have arranged to pay her a visit, but must have been unable to arrange for someone to look after me, so had to take me with her.
    • Bookworms receive two warning letters before library bosses print off a list of offenders so Barry can pay them a visit.
    • I will have my maid come and pay you a visit in the morning so you two can figure out your wardrobe for the coronation.
    • I could just pay him a visit tomorrow and tell him a story about a little island I visited last year.
    • She has often arranged visits or extended stays on location to immerse herself in a particular place, like Newfoundland, Tuscany, the Orkney Islands or Japan.
    • The stay was a transit visit of less than 72 hours that did not require an entry visa.
    • Perhaps the Planning Office of Bromley would like to pay us a visit to appreciate the result of this decision.
    • Hawkes Bay was a really nice place, and being only 4 hours from Wellington, I can potentially see some future weekend visits to stay there and see more of what it has to offer.
    • My grandmother took ill recently, so I had to make a sojourn back to Red Bank and pay her a visit.
    • The visit on Tuesday, June 10, marks British Tourism Day, which will see nine members of the Royal Family taking part in tourist visits.
    • If you want a intensely good view of the action, go pay him a visit.
    • Use local directories to find the suppliers close to you and pay them a visit.
    • The length of the visit, a full week, is also three days longer than the longest of the Prime Minister's US visits - a trip to a Nato conference in 1999.
  • 2US informal

    charla feminine
    conversación feminine Latin America
    plática feminine Mexico Central America
    conversa feminine Andes
    • For a long time, these visits were simple informal ‘hi and how are you’ stops in JoAnn's office.
  • 3

    (to a web site)
    visita feminine
    acceso masculine
    the number of visits to a web site el número de visitas al / de un sitio web

transitive verb

  • 1

    (town/museum) visitar
    (friend) visitar
    (friend) ir a ver
    you should visit us more often deberías venir a vernos / a visitarnos más a menudo
    • we were visiting Joe estábamos de visita en casa de Joe
    • they're visiting us for the summer vendrán a pasar el verano con nosotros
    • Currently I am visiting friends here in Indonesia and staying on a tourist visa for 60 days.
    • Shannon is at her grandmothers and Chris is visiting his brother at college.
    • I told him I just wanted him to stay in touch, visit us now and then, and return my phone calls.
    • She plans to spend her retirement visiting her son and grandson in Durham and sightseeing around the countryside.
    • Tens of thousands of tourists visit the Cook Islands each year to enjoy our coral reefs.
    • Here he was, giving out candy to children, spending his spare time visiting sick children in the hospital, always there to do favors for people in need.
    • He also built a guest house for visiting scientists and hosted such notables as Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Enrico Fermi.
    • Her immediate family lives in the Atlanta area, and her personal time frequently is spent visiting her mother and father, two sisters, and three brothers.
    • Then a few days before my tenth he visited me and stayed until my birthday when he gave me this necklace and left.
    • During his stay at home he visited the members of the Bunclody Lions Club.
    • She and her brother Joe, 25, were visiting Anna who was spending a gap year there.
    • Yesterday was spent visiting my family and it was very warm and relaxing.
    • All spent idyllic summers visiting their widowed grandmother, Emma Darwin, at Down House, the old homestead in the Kent countryside.
    • Following the evening sessions, there was a Cafe opened in the fellowship hall so that everyone could have a light meal and spend time visiting old friends, and making new ones.
    • He used to stay in a small guest house when visiting New York, but ate at the Hilton for the bargain breakfast there, and they fell in love over an omelette.
    • About five years ago, she came and visited me in Sydney and stayed with me for a week.
    • Kieran Nestor from Quinaltagh, Garrafrauns has returned to Chicago after a short vacation visiting his brothers Jimmy and Raymond.
    • Aside from Taylor, though, the festival is lacking in visiting artists and guests.
    • I was to spend about five days visiting my girlfriend, who was staying in a small village outside of the city called Pignan.
    • She moved back to the UK at 14, but during her student years, spent each summer visiting her parents, who had returned to India to work.
    • A number of people were on holidays from overseas visiting their families here for the Easter break
    • Georgie rode out to visit with Tess, though I'm sure she'll come by to visit you and Olivia, as well.
    • I spent Christmas week visiting my daughter in Birmingham.
    • He said four days previously the woman had visited him and stayed with him.
    • He said he was coming back from a weekend visiting his wife and child, who were staying at her brother's house in the Finger Lakes.
    • After spending a few hours visiting Shawn at the hospital Meghan reluctantly left to go home.
    • Despite the fact we still travel abroad twice as much as inbound tourists visit us, holidays at home are hard to beat.
    • Last week, one of my friends from Chicago came to visit me here in Pohang, where I stay.
    • The tree house is a favorite gathering spot for informal meetings, relaxing visits with friends, and star gazing at night.
    • Two weeks and nine tubs of paint later we still hadn't finished and had an unexpected party of seventeen guests visiting us from abroad for the weekend.
    • Everyone is wished a safe and enjoyable holiday this week-end, and those visiting us have a great time during your stay.
    • Reports in South Korea have suggested In Hea Song, 22, and Hyo Jung Jin, 21, had both stayed in a house rented out to visiting Korean students.
    • She would visit him four times a week and he stayed at her family's Chippenham home at Christmas and they went on holiday together.
    • Chan plays a Chinese tourist visiting family in New York.
    • Since I retired 18 months ago I have taken to visiting my uncle at his house in Cornwall; I stay for a few days and carry out maintenance on his neglected garden.
    • They will spend four weeks visiting family there.
    • It is the first time Sue has been back to the UK since moving away and she will be spending two weeks visiting old friends and sight-seeing.
    • After a winter break spent visiting friends and family in Australia and New Zealand, Lesley Vainikolo can't wait to get back into action at the Jungle on Friday.
    • He spent his second month visiting friends and family in the United Arab Emirates.
    • When guests visit you, it is polite to welcome them with kind words and serve them what you have.
    • I have just spent a week visiting my sister and her family in the Western Cape.
    • The girl said she had spent the evening visiting friends in the Holme Wood area of Bradford, before she had gone to get a bus home at 9.45 pm.
    • A special thanks to all those who came to visit Peter during his hospital stay.
    • The prize carried with it some cash which was used to buy two flats in Chipata which are used as guest houses for visiting members from other districts.
    • From that Christmas, Jonathan promised to visit Perry and stay with him in his Ghana home for the festive season.
    • Welcome home from holidays to Butch and Mai Power of Glenville who returned home from Australia where they spent a few weeks visiting friends.
  • 2

    • 2.1literary (afflict)

      to be visited with sth
      • the country was visited with a plague of insects una plaga de insectos azotó el país
      • God promised he would release them from slavery, but not before Pharaoh had refused their release and God had visited ten plagues on Egypt to demonstrate his power.

    • 2.2literary (inflict)

      to visit sth on sb infligirle algo a algn
      • the punishments visited on them by the gods los castigos que los dioses les infligieron
      • The sins of the fathers were being visited upon them and they were determined not to commit the same sins which, in their turn, would be visited upon their sons.
      • The sins of the son would be visited upon the father.
      • Now those costs of training, the costs of recruitment, the costs of advertising, may be visited upon employees who deceitfully lie in their CVs.
      • Another explanation was needed for the cataclysm that was visited upon Great Heck that bitter winter's morning of February 28, 2001.
      • The loss of a comrade in battle or death of a relative as a result of blockade or bombing often causes real bitterness which may be visited upon enemies who could have had no hand in the original act.
      • It is quite clear that the Government has ignored the commissioner's requests, and the consequences are being visited upon ordinary New Zealanders.
      • The tragedy which was visited upon Jim Watt was not of his own making.
      • And yet, we are taught that the sins of parents cannot be visited upon children.
      • To extend mercy to Gollum is to recognize that his potential for evil had ebbed, and that a rough justice had already been visited upon him.
      • They were not to know that two years later, a similar fate would be visited upon them.
      • We believe all this human suffering has been visited upon us to excite our religious imagination, to sharpen our intellect and our moral response.
      • We believe that we should have equality of opportunity in New Zealand and that disadvantage should not be visited upon a single group.
      • He noticed how none of the evils of drugs, alcohol or promiscuity had been visited upon his friends.
      • Not just that, but it was not uncommon for the same fate to be visited upon the victim.
      • With a clear conscience, every health guru can take a good kick at the unhealthy, King Size Mars bars guzzling masses who are apparently asking for the wrath of diabetes to be visited upon them.
      • People still believed they could reverse the horrifying melange of famine and fever that had been visited upon them in 1846.
      • In the final scene, in which the lovers finally come within touching distance, it is Miriam who intervenes to prevent the cruelties of Yair's father from being visited upon his own son.
      • So inevitably, that is going to bring pressures upon recruits that would not perhaps have been visited upon recruits in previous times.
      • Zimbabwe's beleaguered population could be forgiven for wondering how many more plagues are to be visited upon them.
      • Given the scale of the insult that has been visited upon them, should Ireland's rural community not now cease to pay the licence fee?

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (pay a call) hacer una visita
    (stay) estar de visita
    she's always promising to visit siempre está prometiéndonos que nos hará una visita
    • he doesn't live with us, he's just visiting no vive con nosotros, está de visita
    • is visiting allowed? ¿se permiten las visitas?
    • to go visiting ir de visita
    • I've invited her to come and visit next year la he invitado a que venga a visitarnos / a pasar una temporada con nosotros el año que viene
  • 2visiting present participle

    (team) visitante
    (lecturer) invitado
  • 3US informal

    charlar informal
    to visit with sb charlar con algn informal
    • stay and visit (with me) for a while quédate a charlar (conmigo) un rato