Translation of visitation in Spanish:


aparición, n.

Pronunciation: /vɪzɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n//ˌvɪzəˈteɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(by supernatural being)

      aparición feminine
      • Our prayer is for a visitation of the Holy Spirit, to rescue men and women lost in darkness and superstition, and to bring to them the light of the gospel of the grace of God in Jesus Christ.
      • A godly woman you have known for years and whom you love and know to be absolutely trustworthy tells you she received a Visitation from an angel last night when she was at prayer.
      • The Viking invasions he saw - like most of his contemporaries, in England and elsewhere - as a visitation of divine vengeance on a people that had fallen into decadent ways.
      • I know of nothing with which to compare it; but it was much more violent than other spiritual visitations.
      • Perhaps the recent troubles were a wake up call to those in the church who at first could not believe what was happening, maybe once again it must act as the apostles did after the visitation of the Holy Spirit.
      • I am referring to the reports of miracles, faith healers, visitations by angelic or demonic beings, ghosts or goblins, or contact with dearly departed friends and relatives.
      • Whatever it was, it was an extraordinary visitation from some spiritual place beyond.
      • Transpersonal encounters refer to encounters with angels, demons, and other spiritual visitations.
      • Not surprisingly, I greeted the arrival of our housekeeper like a divine visitation.
      • Presently, Satan and his demons make visitations to the earth,… going to and fro in the earth, and… walking up and down in it.
      • But marriage - as I believe anyone who has been married for more than an hour knows well - possesses an almost supernatural power to provoke sudden visitations by the spirits of ancestors.
      • And Miranda's supernatural visitations, which began on the night of the murder, are escalating in both frequency and intensity.
      • He was inspired, and his inspiration was interpreted as a divine visitation or as the surge of the unconscious over the conscious mind as he drifted into the realm of dreams, trances, and visions.
      • It was a visitation, I have not the slightest doubt about that.
      • Throughout history there have been reports of ghosts, apparitions and spiritual visitations, both angelic and demonic.
      • Bollywood's recent supernatural visitations have an unlikely parallel in English literature's Romantic period, says Aparna Raman.
      • If you recite the ‘Our Father’ ‘with total concentration’, as Simone did, maybe you too will benefit of such extraordinary heavenly visitations.
      • The other explanation could be that as life was evolving in this planet earth there were visitations in spaceships by human-like forms from advanced civilizations of different planets and worlds.
      • Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi was one of the great Talmudic sages, a man so holy he merited visitations from the prophet Eliyahu (Elijah).
      • Many believed that God heard and answered prayers, while others believed in ongoing divine revelations through prophecies or visitations by angels.

    • 1.2(act of God)

      azote masculine
      • If these men die the common death of all men, or if they be visited after the visitation of all men; then The Lord hath not sent me.
      • After men came to terms with the psychological shock of the plague visitations, society adjusted remarkably well, though not without turmoil.
      • I think the people who committed that heinous crime deserve every visitation of justice that we can bring to them.

  • 2

    • 2.1(official call)

      visita (pastoral) feminine
      • They are contained in a 434-page report on the diocese which follows on from a parish-by-parish visitation conducted by Bishop Miller over the last number of months.
      • When the bishop of a geographically large rural diocese made a visitation to one of its small mission congregations, he ended by asking the vicar if there was anything he could do to help.
      • They could hold visitations of all the dioceses in the province and exercise spiritual oversight of any vacant see.
      • The task force found that home visitations by trained personnel play an effective role in the reduction of child maltreatment, including abuse and neglect.
      • The Parish Council wish to thank Mr William Rothwell, Ryland for making parish facilities available for the recent Visitation of Graves in Calvary Cemetery.
      • The document will be normative for the universal Church and, it is expected, will play an important part in the visitation of American seminaries ordered by the Pope last April.
      • Just two years after having been consecrated bishop of Bergamo, Giambattista Milani tried to institute a visitation at S. Maria Maggiore.
      • In this Regimento do auditorio ecclesiastico were detailed instructions for conducting visitations in the communities of the archbishopric.
      • ‘The bishop was coming on one of his rare visitations,’ O'Connor explained.
      • The visitation comes in the wake of the clergy sexual-abuse scandal, a scandal some in the Vatican attribute to the alleged lack of discipline or worse in our seminaries.
      • On April 22, 1575, Carlo Borr omeo obtained permission from Pope Gregory XIII to carry out such a visitation of the diocese of Bergamo.
      • Revivals have come packaged in many forms, local church visitations and nation-wide awakenings.
      • The churches in major cities have developed a system of weekly visitation and diaconal care for members and friends.
      • He has not made his mind up yet as to whether it would be wise to go on a Visitation because of the strange situation of one Dean going and another waiting to be appointed by Downing Street.
      • He did so by regular visitations to parishes for Sunday liturgy and other sacramental and ministerial activities, as well as to other institutions, such as hospitals, where his presence brought comfort and hope.
      • It is suggested also that the bishops should devise a system of regular visitations of the dioceses of their fellow bishops, a proposal, it is suggested, that should pose no threat to bishops who do not fear being held accountable.
      • Later this year, the Vatican is expected to begin an apostolic visitation of U.S. seminaries.
      • Everywhere in their dioceses, especially in the hinterland beyond the cities in which they were located, bishops on visitations encountered priests who were appallingly ignorant.

    • 2.2

      the Visitation la visitación

  • 3informal

    (unwelcome social visit)
    visita feminine
    we had a visitation from the Browns los Brown nos hicieron una de sus visitas