Translation of visitor in Spanish:


visitante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪzɪtə//ˈvɪzɪdər/


  • 1

    (to museum, town etc) visitante masculine
    (to person's home) visita feminine
    she's got visitors tiene visitas / visita
    • she's not receiving visitors no recibe
    • only two visitors per patient visitas de dos personas como máximo por paciente
    • we're just visitors here no somos de aquí
    • visitors' book libro de visitas
    • visitors' register registro (de entrada)
    • a surprise win for the visitors una victoria sorpresa del equipo visitante
    • He was a frequent visitor to the archival and historical sections of Laois library and had written extensively on his local area.
    • York is a major tourist city and the visitors it attracts benefit many businesses in and around York.
    • The effect of such decisions on tourists and visitors to Kendal must be considerable.
    • Baildon Moor is used by local people and at the weekends by tourists and visitors from other nearby towns.
    • Construction of the monument along with a visitor's center is expected to begin within two years.
    • We hope they will be widely used by local people, tourists, and other visitors to the city.
    • I offer this so you understand that I don't speak from some distant place, as a visitor, as a tourist.
    • At lower altitudes, the national park offers many safe trails for exploration and a visitor centre.
    • Carlisle is a modern city with a traditional feel that is popular with visitors, locals and tourists alike.
    • Today the prosperity of Skipton depends on the car parks for tourists, visitors and shoppers.
    • Many in the association want the area left open for tourists and other short-stay visitors.
    • It was one of my old haunts when I was a frequent visitor to New York, working on a novel with underlife scenes on the streets of Brooklyn.
    • When the Evening Press spoke to visitors in the town centre yesterday, most appeared in favour.
    • This is a wonderful development in the area and was much needed to facilitate the local visitor and the passing tourists.
    • He is a senior social worker who lives in Kent but is a frequent visitor to his home area.
    • She was a frequent visitor to the local garden centres in the city and county and her garden was a testimony to her love of shrubs and flowers.
    • Their view will be that of the outsider, the visitor, the tourist.
    • The present state of this newly formed path extension is hardly likely to attract new visitors and tourists.
    • Bulgaria has much more to offer the foreign visitor than package holidays at a Black Sea resort.
    • Mr Michael Henry, who resides in London, but who is a native of the island and a frequent visitor deplored the lack of progress.