Translation of vista in Spanish:


vista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪstə//ˈvɪstə/


  • 1

    vista feminine
    (panoramic) panorama masculine
    it opens up new vistas for cooperation abre nuevas perspectivas de cooperación
    • From afar, the mountain vistas and landscape are breathtaking.
    • The earth tones of the plants connect this landscape with neighboring vistas of red sandstone formations and juniper forests.
    • Taking less than an hour to traverse Slovenia, the convoy soon finds itself winding through stunning landscapes and vistas of Croatia into the Adriatic port city of Rijeka.
    • But splendid façades and broad vistas could not mask some of the more tragic results of the rebuilding.
    • Within the history of Flemish art Bosch was the one who fostered the advent of broad landscape vistas with their own intrinsic importance to the principal subjects of either saints or sinners.
    • Splendid vistas of snow-covered countrysides and an interesting shot of a plane landing from the viewpoint of a camera under it also seem planned more to remind us of the widescreen that to advance the story.
    • The young man's large fur collar and tall black top hat give him the air of a young, carefree European dandy, but undoubtedly the images he is capturing are not those of pristine landscapes and peaceful vistas.
    • But don't look for any sublime vistas or sweeping landscapes in this volume.
    • The coastal train took in some splendid vistas, not least the beautiful mountains at the coast at Kaikoura.
    • This removes the foreground from view and treats the landscape as a panoramic vista rather than a visual extension of the interior space.
    • Macer also moves the lens fluently through haunting vistas and landscapes, so we get a real rural feeling for New Haven, Springfield and the surrounding areas.
    • Now they span nearly 150 acres with sweeping lawns and vistas interspersed with statuary, tempiettos, and benches.
    • Vermont boasts steepled churches, classic villages, rural landscapes and spectacular vistas unspoiled by billboards, highways or malls.
    • Travelling out of Adelaide you quickly leave the city behind and before long are into the outback and a relentless landscape of scrub with vistas in which you can lose yourself for hours on end as the train trundles relentlessly north.
    • Each of the hotel's 339 rooms offers a waterfront vista with a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay, made more accessible by large bay windows which partially open to allow a sea breeze.
    • The axes, allées, triumphal arches, colonnades, rigidly symmetrical planting and carefully controlled vistas of past landscapes are vivid expressions of domination.
    • You'll find stunning vineyard landscapes and majestic mountain vistas along the way, and if it's harvest time there are feasts and festivals galore.
    • Of course, it's possible it'll turn out to be a science-lite tour of the solar system with a few special effects adding men in spacesuits to the various spectacular planetary vistas on view.
    • Any account of how to spend a day in a city as rich in sights, museums, literary connections, architecture, street life, and splendid vistas as Edinburgh can only scratch the surface.
    • Some houses had simple geometric designs, while others had vistas of landscapes or intertwining designs of plants and animals.