Translation of visualize in Spanish:


imaginar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪzjʊəlʌɪz//ˈvɪʒ(u)əˌlaɪz//ˈvɪʒ(j)ʊəlʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (picture mentally)
    (scene/situation) imaginar
    (scene/situation) imaginarse
    (scene/situation) visualizar
    I remember her name but I can't visualize her el nombre me suena pero no la recuerdo
    • A lot of magic is about visualising, imaging, strongly imagining in your mind's eye.
    • For a musician, imaging includes more than visualizing.
    • Plan scenes, visualize everything before the game so you have images in your head you can exploit even if things don't head in the right direction.
    • They help us develop our imagination and capacity to visualise.
    • An easy way to visualize this is to imagine watching a home video a friend filmed.
    • I like to think of wire sculpture as imagination visualized with wire.
    • Also try positive imagery; create an image that is relaxing, such as visualizing yourself on a secluded beach.
    • It takes an inventive imagination to read these things and accurately visualize anything.
    • Bolyai's new world can be visualized by imagining a triangle drawn on the surface of a saddle.
    • To visualise this imagine the handle of the jug to be a service road.
    • Your goal is to visualize the easiest of the three shots and trust it.
    • Anyway the mental images I visualise are very powerful, and exceed anything I used to see in movies when I used to be able to see.
    • The easiest way of visualizing a leg imaginal disc is to think of it as a collapsed cone.
    • Just by simply closing your eyes you can use the magnificent ability you have to visualize and imagine.
    • The two wheels were almost as wide as the ship, and while the port one still looked impressive, the less well-preserved starboard wheel required a bit more imagination to visualise.
    • The idea becomes a dream and he visualizes himself making the phone calls and discussing it with his boss, as if he is watching a movie of his new life unfolding.
    • Changing your mental image first, by visualizing that future, paves the way for success.
    • To visualize this, imagine a stretched rubber sheet onto which a large mass is placed.
    • But the city official in charge of the dossier says it's too soon to know what the city visualizes as the future of the site.
    • It did not take much imagination to visualise the vast green forests that had covered the countryside at one time.
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