Translation of vitals in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪt(ə)lz/

plural noun

  • 1

    the vitals (stomach, intestines) las tripas informal
    • The main musical comfort in his terrible mental and physical trials as the consumption gnawed ever more deeply into his vitals, was Sir Hubert Parry.
    • On physical exam the respiratory rate was 16, the rest of the vitals were normal.
    • The nurse walked back in and took Carmyn's vitals.
    • He knelt down, doing an immediate check of vitals.
    • ‘You idiot,’ I told him quietly, tossing aside the bottle and checking his vitals.
    • But when they had burned the thigh pieces and tasted the vitals, they cut all the remainder into pieces and spitted them.
    • They checked his vitals and loaded him into the ambulance.
    • This is the energy that keeps your heart beating and your lungs breathing, the vitals.
    • Anest ducked under its defenses, and thrust his sword deep into the Demon's vitals where it stuck, half-melted.
    • She noted vitals, took throat cultures, and talked through an interpreter to the nursing students.
    • It was kind of freaky, really, how his vitals were high, even though his body parts were missing.
    • There was a cruel scar on her emotionless face, a tantalizing jumpsuit with armor covering the vitals, and a sense of power and ambition radiating from her.
    • I gave my kidneys and other vitals a good poking also.
    • As he told his story, the nurse checking his vitals wasn't able to get his blood pressure.
    • But their professionalism in immediately stabilizing my wife and taking her vitals was matched with exceptional kindness.
    • The white plates are composed of a very tough but light titanium alloy that provides a good deal of extra protection to the body's vitals.
    • He looked down to see an arrow deep within his vitals.
    • The patient's vitals remained stable and blood loss was monitored closely during the procedure.
    • Sensor rings attached to fingers monitor heart rate and other vitals.
    • The sudden din sent an ice-pick of fear into her vitals, and fear quickly turned to unreasoning panic as she felt the great vessel unmistakably heel over.