Translation of voluntary in Spanish:


voluntario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɒlənt(ə)ri//ˈvɑlənˌtɛri/


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    voluntary contribution donativo masculine
    • voluntary manslaughter homicidio con circunstancias atenuantes
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    (work) voluntario
    (organization) de beneficencia
    voluntary service servicio de voluntariado masculine
    • (in UK) Voluntary Service Overseas voluntariado en el extranjero
    • voluntary worker voluntaria
    • she helps on a voluntary basis ayuda como voluntaria
    • More voluntary helpers are needed in Kilconduff cemetery on Saturday mornings at 10 am to help with the digging, cleaning, strimming and weeding.
    • The voluntary housing association is planning an ‘affordable’ housing estate for the near future to meet the increasing demand in the area.
    • The Corporation was also involved in affordable housing schemes in the City and also played a major role in the various voluntary housing projects being constructed in Waterford.
    • The Committee take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and a special word of thanks also to all the voluntary helpers and committee.
    • While maintaining the voluntary element in its structure the management of the Board are grateful for funding from diverse Government sources and for the hard working staff thus funded.
    • The chairperson in her address thanked all the voluntary helpers, especially the minibus drivers and all the people who patronised the centre during the year.
    • Meals-on-Wheels urgently requires 2 voluntary helpers/cooks to assist in the preparing, cooking and dishing out dinners and deserts.
    • A town of charm and dignity, much improved in recent years due mainly to the labours of this committee and a very large number of voluntary helpers.
    • The Government funding is available for subsidised housing, covering accommodation rented to tenants from local authorities and aid for voluntary housing areas.
    • Many shows are struggling to make financial ends meet and are increasingly dependant on voluntary helpers and sponsorship.
    • As the work is ongoing more voluntary helpers are needed to help complete the work.
    • It later emerged an untrained voluntary helper had taken 10 boys on a morning walk.
    • Council leaders, voluntary groups and housing associations will be invited to put forward people to take part in the controversial scheme.
    • The 90-unit development will comprise of travellers accommodation, local authority housing and voluntary housing.
    • The school cleaner volunteers have been protesting for about a month outside the gates of the legislature, demanding payment for voluntary work offered since 1997.
    • ‘I have grave concerns about handing our work over to voluntary housing organisations,’ she said.
    • ‘We know that some of the voluntary housing agencies are in discussions with land-owners in the town,’ he said.
    • Local authorities and other public bodies, housing associations and voluntary organisations, all need to work together to respond the complex needs of young people who are socially excluded.
    • Overall the vast majority of voluntary organizations expressed satisfaction with the quality of their evaluations and believe that they use the results effectively.
    • He added: ‘I look forward to further funding in the voluntary housing sector in this county in the future.’



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    solo masculine

    de órgano o trompeta