Translation of volunteer in Spanish:


voluntario, n.

Pronunciation: /ˌvɒlənˈtɪə//ˌvɑlənˈtɪr/


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    voluntario masculine
    voluntaria feminine
    (organization) (before noun) de voluntarios
    to call for volunteers pedir voluntarios
    • any volunteers to clear up the garden? ¿hay algún voluntario para arreglar el jardín? / ¿alguien se ofrece a arreglar el jardín?
    • volunteer army ejército de voluntarios
    • Hospitals, places of worship, museums, community centers and other organizations often need volunteers.
    • Started in 1997, the organization is staffed solely by volunteers.
    • Angel Community Radio is staffed entirely by volunteers, with 60 per cent aged over 60.
    • She says she works harder in retirement as a volunteer than in the paid workforce.
    • The organization relies on volunteers to pick up donations, unpack donations, pack hampers and work in the food bank on Wednesdays.
    • We are an organization of civilian volunteers and cannot get relief aid into any location until the local authorities say it is safe and provide us with security and access.
    • It provides training in childcare to volunteers who join the organisation and has opened up a new career for many lower-middle class youngsters.
    • The club is run by volunteers who donate their time and their money to look out for these gentle animals.
    • Last year the eight paid staff and 18 volunteers handled more than 50,000 inquiries.
    • Maybe it should take a lesson from the clubs and groups on campus that don't need to collect all this money from students, operate with only volunteers and ask speakers to volunteer as well.
    • The group is comprised of both volunteers and paid staff.
    • The Bradford branch's five charity shops could not function without the volunteers who support the paid staff.
    • When the High Street store first opened it was staffed entirely by volunteers.
    • The Scottish Ambulance Service will train unpaid volunteers in rural Scotland in emergency medical techniques.
    • Besides Hammond, there are three project assistants and many dedicated volunteers.
    • He insists they are not employees, but unpaid volunteers recruited by the Universal Music and Video Distribution Group.
    • So far the organization's 155 trained volunteers have saved 600 of the city's animals.
    • But as with any organisation that relies on volunteers for the majority of its effort, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to actually get things done.
    • What started out as bar talk ended up becoming an organization with 4,000 volunteers.
    • The organization relies on volunteers to not only work behind the scenes in the office, but to also pick up a hammer and lend a helping hand in the actual construction of the homes.

transitive verb

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    to volunteer one's services ofrecer sus (/ mis etc. ) servicios
    • he's not going to volunteer the information no nos dará la información (de) motu proprio
    • Harry's gone, she volunteered —Harry se ha ido —dijo sin que nadie se lo hubiera preguntado

intransitive verb

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    to volunteer to + inf ofrecerse a + inf
    • she volunteered to cook dinner se ofreció a hacer la cena
    • he volunteered for the navy se alistó como voluntario en la marina