Translation of wait list in Spanish:

wait list



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    • Put it on your wait list and they just mail it to you.
    • Almost nine months before, I had put down my name and my deposit on the wait list for a hybrid car.
    • The first 400 on The Crew's ticket wait list from the first show will have access to tickets to the second show.
    • Gausman had tried for two years to get a transfer - she tried Grannan's elementary school - but found all the desirable public schools have long wait lists.
    • The NDP's so-called commitment to health care has lead to longer wait lists, lots of out-dated medical equipment, and a shortage of nurses.
    • He said it could take anywhere from ‘a few weeks to several months’ to get surgery wait lists back on track.
    • Last year, 26 patients died while on the wait list.
    • Add to that, he said in a 1994 report to the annual meeting, ‘we have 144 members on our golf wait list.’
    • The company deliberately holds production below demand, guaranteeing a wait list for its stylish cars.
    • Then off to Day 1 of the city Training Development Skills class for which I have been on the wait list for a year.
    • It had better: Toyota has a six-month-plus wait list.
    • Because of our extensive wait list it is important that we start expansion now.
    • Surgery was required and I was immediately admitted and put on the wait list for a surgical table.
    • It's not a wait list, it's a reserve list, which basically means it takes longer for a decision to be made.
    • It also wants the government to increase funding to reduce wait lists for surgery at B.C. hospitals and give doctors more say in rebuilding the health system, he said.
    • As of Dec. 4, 2003, the surgical wait list for Richmond Hospital sat at 4,500 patients.
    • That leaves an empty seat, and the airline is unable to offer it to anybody on a wait list or a go-show.
    • Meaning that, you've got to fly business or be prepared to take a chance on the wait list.
    • In December she was finally put on the wait list, but then developed a lung infection that led to pneumonia.
    • Because the school offers small class sizes, many of the courses have a wait list of three to six months.