Translation of walk in Spanish:


caminar, v.

Pronunciation /wɔːk//wɔk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    andar Spain
    (in a leisurely way) pasear
    at a walking pace al paso (del que camina)
    • walk, don't run! ¡camina, no corras!
    • [ S ]walk/don't walk cruce/no cruce
    • I'll walk with you as far as the library te acompaño hasta la biblioteca
    • we spent the morning walking around town pasamos la mañana caminando / paseando por la ciudad
    • we'd better start walking back será mejor que nos pongamos en camino de regreso
    • I walk by / past the school on my way to work paso por el colegio de camino al trabajo
    • you can't just walk by without helping no puedes seguir de largo sin pararte a ayudar
    • he walked down/up the steps bajó/subió los peldaños
    • everyone stopped talking when he walked in todos se callaron cuando él entró
    • she walked out of the hotel salió del hotel
    • she walked up to the guard se acercó al guardia
    • Even moderate exercise, such as walking, has real health benefits if you do it regularly all year round.
    • He lists his recreations as walking, cruising, theatre, painting and travel.
    • His workshop is an introduction to a healthy lifestyle of fun, walking and exercise and lasts for ninety minutes.
    • Even moderate exercise, like walking, can help you get a better night's sleep.
    • Obviously, caution should be exercised when walking on tinder dry moorlands.
    • If you are busy doing lots of work, I suggest you exercise. Take time to walk or climb.
    • Check with your doctor for permission to do light exercise, such as walking.
    • After he had his stroke, the doctor suggested he should do some exercise, walking or even a bit of gentle cycling.
    • Exercise daily by walking and/or swimming until it no longer feels comfortable.
    • The aim is to encourage people who never do any exercise to walk for half an hour a day, five days a week, and to educate people about the benefits of walking.
    • Exercise may include walking, gardening, dancing, or use of a stationary bicycle.
    • Doctors now advocate light physical exercises such as walking and sometimes, even swimming.
    • Patients must be initiated into simple exercises such as walking.
    • Light exercises such as walking, hiking and swimming are beneficial.
    • The other most important aspect is exercise, walking, aerobics, dancing, skipping, whatever takes your fancy.
    • You may need to avoid strenuous exercise for up to a month, but walking and gentle exercises are encouraged.
    • Saying that, I have been swimming like a fish, walking and doing my exercises every second day, which isn't bad at all.
    • The only exercise I get is walking up and down the beach and, of course, surfing.
    • Aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming, and biking are also beneficial.
    • His day is spent managing his pain, doing his exercises and walking.
  • 2

    (go by foot)
    ir a pie
    ir caminando
    ir andando Spain
    it's too far to walk está demasiado lejos para ir a pie
    • there was no elevator so we had to walk up no había ascensor, así que tuvimos que subir por la escalera
    • he never walks anywhere no va a pie a ningún lado
    • I was almost too scared to leave the flat, and when I did I walked with the pace of a 90 year old.
    • I continued to walk, my pace quickening once I was in a somewhat safer place.
    • Adaela flashed James a venomous smile and began walking at a faster pace.
    • I took a quick step back before walking forward, lifting my leg, and kicking the door open.
    • As there are never any gaps in the traffic, you simply have to step out into the road and keep walking at a steady pace.
    • Eve's footsteps were echoing off the dank walls as she walked forward a few paces.
    • Lauren looked around, but saw nothing, and kept going, walking at a faster pace.
    • That's perfect for me because I can walk at a good pace and he can drive like a madman.
    • It looked up at me and meowed again, and when I started walking, it kept pace with me.
    • She walked at a comfortable pace until she was about two yards away from Jen.
    • I can even walk more than ten paces in three inch heels now, too!
    • Jude tied his three gourds to his belt, then walked with a measured pace downstream.
    • Every time I lifted my foot to walk, my other foot stuck to the ground and caused me to fall forward.
    • He saw how a fragment of leg bone fitted into the foot bones, and knew those feet were made for walking on the ground, not moving in trees.
    • Holmes though was not in the mood for praise and walked at a pace that I struggled to maintain.
    • I got really excited and I started to walk at a faster pace to catch up with the procession.
    • She walked at her normal pace ignoring those behind her wanting to go faster.
    • With that I sneered and walked off, my pace quick with the heat of getting myself angry again.
    • While other students were hurrying to get to class, Rocky was walking at a semi-leisurely pace.
    • We carried on walking at a steady pace, turned another corner and stopped at a pale green door.
  • 3

    (in baseball)
    dar una base por bolas
    pasar por bolas
    • Never one to draw many base on balls, Rich is walking at the lowest rate of his career.
  • 4British informal, humorous

    (go missing)
    • But do you not find pens 'walk' around the office? I can never keep a pen on my desk.
    • But do you not find pens 'walk' around the office? I can never keep a pen on my desk, whereas one of my colleagues seems to 'breed' them.
  • 5US informal

    (back out)
    echarse para atrás informal
    • The country was likely to walk away from the deal.
    • Should I just walk away from the deal?
    • When we arrived over 100 New Orleans P.D. officers had already walked off the job.
  • 6US informal

    (go free)
    librarse de los cargos informal
    • $500.00 bail (that means $50.00) and he walked!
    • Maybe if he hadn't been so foolish by buying books on forensic investigation or in the way he dealt with his car, he might have walked. But he didn't and clearly the jury thought he was guilty.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (go along)
    (hills/path) recorrer
    (path/hills) caminar por
    I can't walk another yard estoy que no puedo dar un paso más
    • Then as we walk a route it will be coloured to show where we have been.
    • We are reasonably experienced walkers, acceptably fit and have walked the route several times before.
    • We were also told that they would be joined by a couple of students that were walking the route.
    • But what about his friends, he wanted to know, who walk the same route?
    • Audiences access these soundscapes with headphones as they walk a predetermined route through the city.
    • Officials from County Hall were then sent to walk the route for themselves to see whether they believed it was safe.
    • Mrs O'Callaghan added that he had walked the route on several occasions before.
    • Instead of walking the same dull route, let your curiosity be your guide.
    • When you walk this route as I do, you see what you miss when you fly past in a car.
    • I recently attended a meeting in Central Park where a considerable number of us walked the route of the proposed road.
    • We decided to walk a route we may do on Sunday with our walking group.
    • In part, because of that, I believe that officers walking the foot beat is a good thing.
    • Orangemen said it was their right to walk their only route home.
    • But perhaps the biggest change was in the number of pilgrims walking the yatra route.
    • During the course of the run they also made some friends, in a group of Spanish pilgrims who were walking the same route.
    • Having walked the area one Sunday morning recently, he said that the bins were full to capacity.
    • The group have walked the route and informed Bradford Council of potential problems and repairs that need to be made to the footpath.
    • Residents of the parish would walk the route, carrying willow wands to beat special stones at set points around the parish boundary.
    • The 21 women range from ten years old to over 60 and some will be walking the three-mile route.
    • One of our managers has also visited the area and walked the ground to assess all aspects of accessibility.
  • 2

    • 2.1(take for walk)

      (dog) pasear
      (dog) sacar a pasear
      • Out of sight there is a long, straight waterway along which he walks his dogs most days, and I was knocked off my feet with the list of birds and wildlife he's seen there.
      • ‘I will tell you only what I have told the police,’ said an old man who was walking his dog.
      • Holly gave Ford a hand getting to his feet, then walked him over to the elevator.
      • Often the fact is that we have plenty of time for walking the dog in our neighbourhoods but we seldom spend the time to take a walk to be with our parents.
      • The court heard Wallington and the victim had spoken on about six occasions over a two week period when she was walking her family's dogs last July.
      • However, a passing man walking his dogs offered to help us.
      • Mrs Watson gets to her feet and walks us back to our homeroom, which is empty because everyone has gone to class.
      • One woman, who did not want to be named, said that the bikers even sped past when parents were walking their children home from school.
      • Parents are asked to walk their children to school or use the vehicular access to the junior school.
      • Kathleen chats, reads stories, and offers support such as walking dogs and gardening.
      • Early the next morning a woman walking her dog near St Mark's church in Woodhouse, Leeds, saw a man slumped against the churchyard gate.
      • Alex Maxwell, Airdrie-born but now an accomplished local historian, walks me round the town.
      • When we finish talking, Johns walks me down to the studio, where he is working on a series of etchings based on works he made in 2003.
      • Both the young artists were busy today walking visitors through their paintings and clarifying an occasional point or two.
      • The county council is urging all parents to start walking their children to school, even if it is just for the last half a mile to the school gate itself.
      • Pretty soon he was escorting me to my classes and walking me home from school.
      • Recently, my friend with a lovely new puppy dog showed me a great place to walk the dog.
      • As the attendant walked her to her seat, she was forcefully aware of all eyes on her.
      • Many parents walk their children to and from school but lots of others live outside the village and need to drive in.
      • ON Sunday, April 4 I was walking my dog George along the canal when she collapsed and couldn't walk.
      • This he accomplished on foot, walking the stock down the road through the villages and into the City.
      • Taking a walk for exercise, or to walk a dog for that matter, is thus no longer a pleasurable activity.
      • I just let my feet walk me towards home in the pattern of streets I'd already started to memorize.
      • To encourage more parents to walk their children to school Croydon Council is promoting a national campaign.
      • Then you wait for an escort to walk you the remaining 40 yards to the main building.
      • The lights were on, so my parents were still up, and Ryan walked me to the front door.
      • She said there had been claims the mothers and fathers who walked their children up the road to school were bad parents.
      • A young woman walks her sons home; sons fathered by different men.
      • He walks his dog Jenny, an 11-year-old mongrel, past the river every day and saw the Environment Agency experts inspecting the dead fish.
      • A man walking his dog discovered her body the next morning.
      • At about 11 pm on January 24, Mr Shepherd was walking his dog when he passed the youth arguing heatedly with a girl.
      • But now it's a pleasant place, great for walking my dog or sitting on a bench listening to the breeze rustle the overhanging trees.
      • A group of mums are using a secret weapon to encourage parents to walk their children to school - pester power.
      • My family has been walking dogs there for 10 years, on and off, because it is the perfect place for that activity.
      • It turns out that a year's worth of running for the bus, walking the dog or doing a weekly shopping burns more than 100,000 calories.
      • The co-ordinator will link the helpers with those in need of small favours such as taking their children to school or walking their dog.
      • The discovery was made by a man walking his dog shortly before 10 am yesterday.
      • I have enjoyed riding horses and also walking my dogs on Baildon Moor for the past 40 years.
      • A digital audio player walks tourists through exhibit spaces such as Alcatraz, the Empire State Building, and the Tower of London.
      • They are places to stroll in pleasant weather, walk dogs and ride horses.

    • 2.2(accompany)

      I'll walk you home te acompaño hasta tu casa

    • 2.3(ride at walk)

      (horse) llevar al paso
      • Diana shook her head and walked her horse towards what was left of the village.
      • Just keep walking the horse up to the last point behind the trailer where it is still comfortable and stay there.
      • You can walk your stallion right past a mare and have him pay no attention if you don't want him to.
      • They walked their horses back to the stables and then handed them off to the stable boys.
      • He began to walk his horse towards me, pushing me into line with the other men.
      • Each assistant walks the horses thru every step of the pattern, never letting the horse make even the slightest errors.
      • In my childhood we lived near Berkhamsted and I walked and rode my pony in the woods at Ashridge.

  • 3

    (in baseball)
    darle una base por bolas a
    • A sacrifice bunt moved Reid to second, and then two more Warriors were walked to load the bases.
    • After walking Stanley, Barber was replaced by Miller who got Don Weft to hit a grounder up the middle.
    • Things got a bit tense when Gagne walked J.T. Snow on four pitches as well to load the bases.
    • Chambers walked eight batters and struck out four in a game that took two hours and one minute to play.
    • Vaughn walked Heinie Groh twice, but he was erased both times with a double play.
    • After walking Millar, Gordon yielded to Mo, who had a rockier outing than usual.
    • Jason Michaels flew out and Jimmy Rollins was intentionally walked to load the bases.


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (leisurely) paseo masculine
      (long) caminata feminine
      to go for / take a walk ir a pasear / a dar un paseo
      • take a walk! ¡córrete!
      • she took the dog for a walk sacó a pasear el perro
      • he took us for a walk along the river nos llevó a pasear / a dar un paseo por el río
      • it's five minutes' / a five-minute walk from here está / queda a cinco minutos de aquí a pie
      • All are welcome to come along and enjoy a walk with good company.
      • We like to go for long walks, enjoy wonderful meals and do jigsaw puzzles while listening to the radio and looking at the sea.
      • As well as the flowers, visitors can also enjoy guided walks, evening concerts, plays and themed festivals.
      • There are not going to be many nice days now and I should take the opportunity to enjoy the walks.
      • Edward thoroughly enjoyed his walk in the country yesterday.
      • Seriously, my family have been wonderfully supportive and I hope we'll have time to enjoy a nice walk together.
      • The emphasis on the day will be to enjoy a walk with family and friends for your heart's sake.
      • He enjoys long walks, romantic dinners, and rescuing hostages.
      • Although there was a small enough turn out the walk was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.
      • A fine crowd enjoyed a lovely walk and the event raised substantial sponsorship for the newly launched project.
      • Cubbon Park, Lalbagh, and other local parks are the favourites of many Bangaloreans, where they enjoy brisk walks and jogs.
      • Back in April, my first walk in the foot and mouth outbreak was at Dalby Forest.
      • Ramblers of different levels meet every weekend to enjoy walks around the region including the Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors.
      • This is a small price to pay for enjoying an invigorating walk along Addingham Moorside or up Beamsley Beacon.
      • The walk was greatly enjoyed and was a successful fundraiser for the school.
      • I suppose that was fair enough and quite honestly I enjoyed the walk.
      • You may enjoy your walk more if you take your baby along in a baby carrier.
      • She also said they enjoyed walks in the country and that the doctor bombarded her with text messages at one point.
      • This group had enjoyed the walk and we shared that weary satisfaction of knowing our bodies had stood up to a good test.
      • Boaters who attend will receive a brass plaque and everyone can enjoy organised walks along the old section of the canal, a display by morris men, a brass band and an exhibition.

    • 1.2Sport

      marcha feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1(route)

      there's a beautiful walk through the woods se puede hacer un paseo precioso por el bosque

    • 2.2US (path)

      camino masculine
      • He has them laid out on the asphalt walk where the pedestrian tunnel goes under the platforms.
      • Plans for a riverside walk in Tewkesbury have been given a year to make progress or the money will be spent elsewhere.
      • The riverside walk is a beautiful amenity off the Dunmore Road that requires some remedial work.
      • Improvements to the riverside walk and cycle path will also be made.
      • But the contractor has started clearing the site so that the riverside walk can be open over the festive period.
      • When they reached the front walk of the Nelson house at the top of the hill, Caitlin turned and faced him.
      • They had talked about a riverside walk as a Millennium project and it would be a great boost to the town.
      • The new place name signs and the canal walk and nature trail also came in for praise.
      • In the meantime, Spencer's workmen have been cracking on with their other task of refurbishing the riverside walks.
      • Paramedics were called to the riverside walk following the incident at about 11 pm.
      • The West Country is the part of Britain most visited by walkers and nature lovers, but until now they have had to make do with a patchy network of footpaths and coastal walks.
      • Good places to try include the Museum Gardens, Rowntree Park or the riverside walk near the Millennium Bridge.
      • The remainder of the land will be transformed into an extension for Biss Meadow Country Park and a riverside walk.
      • Land on the east side is being earmarked for walks and nature trails.
      • On Monday the town council planning committee raised no objection to the new parking area but called for a riverside walk to be provided.
      • Linger by canal sides, roam the riverside walks; explore the undersides of old iron bridges, the shadows thrown by motorway flyovers.
      • New Walk has been further degraded by the removal of wide channels of soil between the tow path and the walk.
      • There were some modifications to the design of the riverside walk.
      • Members of the public are welcome to view the exercise, which can best be seen from the riverside walk.
      • The Belleek Forest Park with its attractive riverside walks is well on the way to being a major addition to Ballina's tourist attractions as a natural amenity.

  • 3

    • 3.1(gait)

      andar masculine
      manera de caminar feminine
      manera de andar feminine
      • Billy began to adapt his walk to the beat of the music and his lips formed the words in silence.
      • However it was her companion who caught his eye, with her slow and cautious manner, and easy walk.
      • Her walk slows, and I know she's planning on giving him all the coins in her pockets and wallet.
      • He led a totally dysfunctional life and you see it in his famous perp walk.
      • His walk was slow and methodical as he listened to the spattering of the rain.
      • It wasn't like it was incredibly dangerous, but just in case, she slowed to a fast walk.
      • It definitely had looked like him, and the walk and the manner had seemed all but the same.
      • We settled into a brisk walk as we exited through the front doors and entered the parking lot.
      • After several years sufferers may develop a shuffling walk without arm movement.

    • 3.2(speed)

      at a walk al paso
      • She looked up to the sky and felt her pace slow to a lethargic walk.
      • My running slowed to an unsteady walk until I found a wooden bench to sit on.
      • As I ran past one of the gardens I slowed my pace, stumbling into a slow walk.
      • He reached the construction site and he stopped his jog, slowing to a casual walk.
      • She slowed to a walk and slowly approached her friend, seating herself next to Mary.
      • Alicia continues on at a brisk pace-leaving Johnny behind at a slow walk, cursing himself.
      • Merissa slowed into a walk as she neared the older woman, coming to a gasping, wheezing stop in front of her.
      • I lowered my pack to the floor and gave her a weary smile as she slowed down to a walk, staring as she approached.
      • She whispered, her body shivering violently as she slowed to a walk as she neared the fountain.
      • We started jogging and got to the top of the street we're on and slowed to a walk.
      • In your head you're running but you're probably doing a slow walk.
      • A slow walk across the street had us traipsing across the grass surrounding the court house.
      • He slowed to a walk along the outskirts of the wood when something caught his eye.
      • Pete, using a great amount of discretion, slowed down to a walk and let Gil meet Laurie alone.
      • As I approached some old oak trees, I slowed to a walk, then stopped entirely.
      • Exhausted, he slowed to a walk, hastily knocking tree limbs out of his way and gasping for air.
      • Krane slowed to a walk and examined the injured man before picking up the sword and giving chase to the other.
      • I slowed to a walk when I got into the hall, so as not to wake anyone whose room I passed.
      • She slowed to a walk, and then stopped, turning around to look down the street.
      • He slowed to a walk now, not worrying anymore, and he took a look around at the slight splendor of this.