Translation of walk in Spanish:


caminar, v.

Pronunciation /wɔk//wɔːk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    andar Spain
    (in a leisurely way) pasear
    at a walking pace al paso (del que camina)
    • walk, don't run! ¡camina, no corras!
    • walk/don't walk cruce/no cruce
    • I'll walk with you as far as the library te acompaño hasta la biblioteca
    • we spent the morning walking around town pasamos la mañana caminando / paseando por la ciudad
    • we'd better start walking back será mejor que nos pongamos en camino de regreso
    • I walk by / past the school on my way to work paso por el colegio de camino al trabajo
    • you can't just walk by without helping no puedes seguir de largo sin pararte a ayudar
    • he walked down/up the steps bajó/subió los peldaños
    • everyone stopped talking when he walked in todos se callaron cuando él entró
    • she walked out of the hotel salió del hotel
    • she walked up to the guard se acercó al guardia
    • to walk tall ir / andar con la cabeza en alto
    • The aim is to encourage people who never do any exercise to walk for half an hour a day, five days a week, and to educate people about the benefits of walking.
    • Patients must be initiated into simple exercises such as walking.
    • Aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming, and biking are also beneficial.
    • His workshop is an introduction to a healthy lifestyle of fun, walking and exercise and lasts for ninety minutes.
    • Even moderate exercise, like walking, can help you get a better night's sleep.
    • He lists his recreations as walking, cruising, theatre, painting and travel.
    • Exercise may include walking, gardening, dancing, or use of a stationary bicycle.
    • Obviously, caution should be exercised when walking on tinder dry moorlands.
    • After he had his stroke, the doctor suggested he should do some exercise, walking or even a bit of gentle cycling.
    • You may need to avoid strenuous exercise for up to a month, but walking and gentle exercises are encouraged.
    • Saying that, I have been swimming like a fish, walking and doing my exercises every second day, which isn't bad at all.
    • The other most important aspect is exercise, walking, aerobics, dancing, skipping, whatever takes your fancy.
    • His day is spent managing his pain, doing his exercises and walking.
    • The only exercise I get is walking up and down the beach and, of course, surfing.
    • Light exercises such as walking, hiking and swimming are beneficial.
    • Even moderate exercise, such as walking, has real health benefits if you do it regularly all year round.
    • Doctors now advocate light physical exercises such as walking and sometimes, even swimming.
    • Exercise daily by walking and/or swimming until it no longer feels comfortable.
    • Check with your doctor for permission to do light exercise, such as walking.
    • If you are busy doing lots of work, I suggest you exercise. Take time to walk or climb.
  • 2

    (go by foot)
    ir a pie
    ir caminando
    ir andando Spain
    it's too far to walk está demasiado lejos para ir a pie
    • there was no elevator so we had to walk up no había ascensor, así que tuvimos que subir por la escalera
    • he never walks anywhere no va a pie a ningún lado
    • Jude tied his three gourds to his belt, then walked with a measured pace downstream.
    • With that I sneered and walked off, my pace quick with the heat of getting myself angry again.
    • We carried on walking at a steady pace, turned another corner and stopped at a pale green door.
    • It looked up at me and meowed again, and when I started walking, it kept pace with me.
    • I got really excited and I started to walk at a faster pace to catch up with the procession.
    • She walked at a comfortable pace until she was about two yards away from Jen.
    • I was almost too scared to leave the flat, and when I did I walked with the pace of a 90 year old.
    • He saw how a fragment of leg bone fitted into the foot bones, and knew those feet were made for walking on the ground, not moving in trees.
    • Adaela flashed James a venomous smile and began walking at a faster pace.
    • I took a quick step back before walking forward, lifting my leg, and kicking the door open.
    • While other students were hurrying to get to class, Rocky was walking at a semi-leisurely pace.
    • Holmes though was not in the mood for praise and walked at a pace that I struggled to maintain.
    • Lauren looked around, but saw nothing, and kept going, walking at a faster pace.
    • She walked at her normal pace ignoring those behind her wanting to go faster.
    • Eve's footsteps were echoing off the dank walls as she walked forward a few paces.
    • I continued to walk, my pace quickening once I was in a somewhat safer place.
    • As there are never any gaps in the traffic, you simply have to step out into the road and keep walking at a steady pace.
    • That's perfect for me because I can walk at a good pace and he can drive like a madman.
    • Every time I lifted my foot to walk, my other foot stuck to the ground and caused me to fall forward.
    • I can even walk more than ten paces in three inch heels now, too!
  • 3

    (in baseball)
    dar una base por bolas
    pasar por bolas
    • Never one to draw many base on balls, Rich is walking at the lowest rate of his career.
  • 4Britishinformal, humorous

    (go missing)
    • But do you not find pens 'walk' around the office? I can never keep a pen on my desk, whereas one of my colleagues seems to 'breed' them.
    • But do you not find pens 'walk' around the office? I can never keep a pen on my desk.
  • 5USinformal

    (back out)
    echarse para atrás informal
    • Should I just walk away from the deal?
    • When we arrived over 100 New Orleans P.D. officers had already walked off the job.
    • The country was likely to walk away from the deal.
  • 6USinformal

    (go free)
    librarse de los cargos informal
    • Maybe if he hadn't been so foolish by buying books on forensic investigation or in the way he dealt with his car, he might have walked. But he didn't and clearly the jury thought he was guilty.
    • $500.00 bail (that means $50.00) and he walked!

transitive verb

  • 1

    (go along)
    (path/hills) recorrer
    (path/hills) caminar por
    I can't walk another yard estoy que no puedo dar un paso más
    • a policeman walking his beat un policía haciendo su ronda
  • 2

    (take for walk)
    (dog) pasear
    (dog) sacar a pasear
    she walked us off our feet nos dejó agotados de tanto que nos hizo caminar
  • 3

    I'll walk you home te acompaño hasta tu casa
  • 4

    (ride at walk)
    (horse) llevar al paso
  • 5

    (in baseball)
    darle una base por bolas a


  • 1

    (leisurely) paseo masculine
    (long) caminata feminine
    to go for / take a walk ir a pasear / a dar un paseo
    • take a walk! ¡córrete!
    • she took the dog for a walk sacó a pasear el perro
    • he took us for a walk along the river nos llevó a pasear / a dar un paseo por el río
    • it's five minutes' / a five-minute walk from here está / queda a cinco minutos de aquí a pie
    • a walk in the park un paseo
    • that was a walk in the park compared to this aquello fue un paseo comparado con esto
    • walk of shame circunstancia de volver a casa de día, después de un encuentro sexual casual, por lo general sin haberse cambiado de ropa
  • 2

    marcha feminine
  • 3

    there's a beautiful walk through the woods se puede hacer un paseo precioso por el bosque
  • 4US

    camino masculine
  • 5

    andar masculine
    manera de caminar feminine
    manera de andar feminine
  • 6

    at a walk al paso