Translation of wall in Spanish:


muro, n.

Pronunciation /wɔːl//wɔl/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (freestanding) muro masculine
      (of castle, city) muralla feminine
      I'd put them up against a wall and shoot them yo los llevaría a todos al paredón
      • garden wall tapia
      • sea wall tajamar
      • the Berlin Wall el muro de Berlín
      • Hadrian's Wall la muralla / el muro de Adriano
      • it's like talking to a brick wall es como hablarle a la pared
      • to go/be driven to the wall irse a pique
      • up the wall
      • I was going / crawling up the wall with boredom estaba que me trepaba / subía por las paredes del aburrimiento
      • The walls were built from stones taken from nearby hills.
      • In fact, many years ago we obtained permission from the church authorities to place the memorial stones around the walls to make maintenance easier.
      • The space in which the platform was located was divided into three areas by walls which cut across the raised platform.
      • The slow seep through the garden wall made the whole area under the grapes a muddy swamp.
      • Ancient thick walls and decorated stones, bladder campion and violets threaded through the grass.
      • The attendant looked at the man, then at the phone book and shrugged before hurling it over the wall into the waste area.
      • I learnt to build walls, and I learnt why I should knock them down.
      • The site is in a flood plain, which meant slurry walls had to be built to enclose the area where the foundation walls now stand.
      • The woman pillion passenger was thrown into bushes and the second driver hit a tree before landing behind a wall.
      • Two earth walls divide the cave into different classrooms.
      • The Washburn Valley is true Dales country, with stoutly-built stone barns and sinuous walls dividing up the fields of deep velvety green.
      • The Bible states clearly a man who takes another man's wife shall be taken without the city walls and stoned unto death.
      • The structure has thick walls of snow and ice, reinforced with wooden arches, metal bands, chicken wire and refrigeration lines.
      • During the kar sewa, the volunteers cleaned the window panes, the walls and the area around the pond, the defence spokesman added.
      • By the time I got to the drystone wall that divides the plot from the public footpath and the beck, the sobs had changed to screams of rage.
      • Just down the walk, I found a hole knocked in a garden wall and a hundred bricks missing.
      • At the back of the house, granite walls enclose the west-facing garden which is in lawn.
      • Rail chiefs have been condemned by residents for not repairing a damaged wall which restricts access to the line for six months.
      • It was surrounded by a garden, which was surrounded by a ten-foot-thick wall of stone.
      • Nothing for the preservation of the area next to the wall, which would enhance the visual aspect of the latter.

    • 1.2(barrier)

      barrera feminine
      a wall of fire/flames/silence una barrera de fuego/llamas/silencio
      • an impenetrable wall of prejudice una barrera infranqueable de prejuicios
      • Without these protective walls, the going becomes significantly more delicate.
      • Silence becomes a fortress wall of protection, shielding the pastor's position of power from scrutiny or challenge.
      • Detectives met a wall of silence despite being convinced that several local people knew who was responsible.
      • It all screams of a good place to go and watch inclement weather from within protective walls.
      • They had been friends for many years and in all that time, Reagan had never seen Terrance let down the protective walls around him.
      • In America, barrier walls are built along highways to keep neighbors from being inconvenienced by the noise.
      • He carried on his celestial observations alone from a tower situated on the protective wall of the cathedral.
      • Met by a wall of silence, one soldier battered Ali to the floor with his rifle and tried to beat the information out of him.
      • Only one man Robert Morris, 49, has been charged because detectives hit a wall of silence.
      • But to make a court case the police had to break down the walls of silence and tribal loyalty which have built up against them in Manningham over many years.
      • The wall prevents detainees from meeting each other and is a barrier to easy access to the library.
      • Their unwillingness to acknowledge the dangers of fundamentalist Islam is creating a wall of silence that needs to be overcome.
      • Police believe a wall of silence is protecting a knifeman who stabbed a teenager in the face during a seven-a-side football match.
      • They had been lucky enough to follow their scent this far, but now they were unsure if the two had enter the protective walls of the town.
      • Barbed wire can be incorporated into existing natural obstacles like hedges, fences and walls, and used to block access from the roof.
      • Bullet-proof glass and protective walls will hopefully put paid to any terrorist attacks.
      • On three sides 12-metre high walls form a barrier between the two factions.
      • It was like he had brought the street with him; they kept him company and provided a kind of protective wall.
      • We eat lunch leaning on the high protective wall around Kincardine Church.
      • She stopped at the edge of the porch, and the Cartwrights formed a protective wall behind her.

  • 2

    (of building, room)
    pared feminine
    muralla feminine Chile
    is that an outside or a common / (British) party wall? ¿esa pared es exterior o medianera?
    • to have one's back to the wall estar en un apuro / en un aprieto
    • before noun wall bars espalderas
    • wall light/lamp aplique
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    • 3.1(of stomach, artery)

      pared feminine
      • This relaxes muscles in the walls of blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.
      • There were several points of adhesion from the lung to the chest wall and to the mediastinal pleura.
      • The outer layer of the wall of the large intestine is weaker in some areas than in others.
      • The musculature of the wall of the infundibulum is similar to that of the acetabulum.
      • The outer wall of the braincase becomes the alisphenoid and the dermal skull bones.

    • 3.2(of tire)

      flanco masculine
      • Sheer walls narrow towards the surface and almost meet, progressing vertically above the surface for another 30m or so.
      • Up close, the walls were like the surface of the moon, made vertical.
      • At the strategic location of Pointe du Hoc, American Rangers scaled the cliff walls on D-Day.
      • When I arrived there and got out of the car, I was met by a wall of noise.
      • Describing the feeling of what it is like to scale a craggy wall with ease, Kirsty likened the experience to a Zen state.
      • And there is even much to learn about the city walls.