Translation of wallow in Spanish:


revolcarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈwɒləʊ//ˈwɑloʊ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(bathe)

      (animal) revolcarse
      hippos wallowing in mud hipopótamos revolcándose en el lodo
      • I love to wallow in a hot bath me encanta estarme horas disfrutando de un baño caliente
      • There was the engine, sparkling clean and just waiting to purr like a kitten, but the rest of the boat looked like a greased pig had wallowed up and down the route to the engine compartment many times.
      • Those who relish the contradiction of something so bad it's good, will wallow like pigs in clover.
      • Now all that's left are guns and herds of overweight buffalo wallowing across a subcontinent of syrup.
      • The next morning I awoke to the bellows, grunts and snorts of a dozen huge elephant seals wallowing on the black beach below the sleeping dongas (cargo containers).
      • A lot of people want to wallow like hippos at a waterhole when they go on holiday, and there's nothing wrong with that.
      • When the giant waves struck the coast of Kenya, Owen was wallowing with his herd in the ocean near the mouth of the Sabaki River.
      • Cape buffalo prefer areas of open pasture, close to jungle and swampy ground where they can wallow.

    • 1.2(delight)

      she wallowed in her new-found fame se regodeaba con su fama recién adquirida
      • to wallow in self-pity regodearse / deleitarse en la autocompasión

  • 2

    (ship/boat) bambolearse
    • The yacht My Dolphin was dismasted and wallowing upon the waves.
    • To see the stricken submarine Chicoutimi wallowing from side to side in the punishing waters of the cold Atlantic last week made for some exciting television.
    • Video showed the aircraft wallowing through the air at a very low speed - it must be remembered that the landing gear was down.
    • Not being a sailing vessel, our motor boat rolled and wallowed slowly with every wave.
    • Celestial navigation used a sextant built right into the cockpit but if the plane was wallowing at all, it was useless.
    • Tangled and corroded metal, red with age rather than by design protruded from the rock walls, and slick metal wallowed forlornly in the water, having finally succumbed to gravity's relentless pull.
    • However, don't think Queen Mary 2 is another clone for the lumbering, simpering, overblown jolly boats wallowing and waddling around the world's sunshine destinations.
    • After nearly an hour we spot the yacht heaved-to, wallowing on the swell.
    • The ship wallowed through waves up to 30 feet high in the treacherous Drake's Passage.
    • It showed several people diving off a heavily-laden small boat that was wallowing dangerously in a heavy swell.


  • 1

    I'm off for a wallow in the bath me voy a dar un baño largo y relajante
    • hippos go there for a wallow los hipopótamos van a ese lugar para revolcarse
    • Rory gets buckets of chocolate ice cream, wallows, let's her mom comfort her, cries.
    • Still, those who enjoy a good wallow might not mind as much.
    • If I get thumbs down, I'll just wallow somewhere in a drink afterwards.
    • It's honestly not love, it's obsession and for her to want to hurt my so-called ‘friend’ whilst she lets Simon wallow is just heartless, especially when she was complaining of being hurt when he did it!
    • It's interesting that Sharon thinks that the appropriate reaction is a lyric describing how it feels for us, something to give us all a bit of a wallow, rather than a call to arms.
    • The worst thing we can do is wallow around in self - pity.
    • The animal-impulse of Miniature Golf rivalry can end in the victorious wallow of gratification or the blaze-of-glory, club-throwing tanty.
    • My nightly wallow has become such a ritual that I rarely miss it, regardless of where I am or at what time I get in - and if the water is anything less than piping hot, I'd rather go without.
    • While fans of courtroom drama and reality TV will undoubtedly eat this series up, I can't say that I especially enjoyed this wallow through the smarmy world of crime and punishment.
    • I had plans to curl up in bed, ignore the world and wallow.
    • I go screaming up again while the others wallow.
    • After watching Darrell Waltrip wallow miserably over the final years of his career, Wallace won't share that fate.
    • I would like to encourage you to take advantage of it, and to warn against impulses to hide, obscure, wallow, or control.
    • It was then that Leo was first exposed to Austin's more severe insecure side as he witnessed his friend wallow and suffer for a year to get Juliet's attention.
    • I was in a wallow of worry anyway, and I didn't want to talk.
    • Also, I found that I was doing more interesting things with my time and becoming more of the person that I wanted to be while I watched my old friend just sort of wallow.
    • But for now, while Brenda is prepared to grin and bare it, I am going to make like the proverbial pig and wallow.
    • Don't miss out on this talk or you're likely to see your club wallow behind the success of others.
    • If you don't know the music and you enjoy a good post-Romantic wallow, you have lots to choose from.
    • But the music is often painfully beautiful, especially the love song Marie and the emotional wallow of Guilty, and Newman's craftsmanship is consistently staggering.
  • 2

    revolcadero masculine
    • ‘Old Eph’ finally took a misstep in the night, and the jaws of the steel trap Clark had hidden in the bear's wallow bit into his right front paw.
    • He knew that despite Ivo's scrubbing he was still as foul as a pig in a wallow, and yet the knight slept in the same bed with him, and offered him closeness and comfort.
    • They rode bikes up and down hills, they ran over fields, the kids jumping into mud wallows.
    • A nice section of low, wet wallows are the main attraction in the Giant's Windpipe, which was so much fun I almost wanted to do it twice.
    • At the edge of the wallow, a young brown and white steer was standing knee deep in the muck, calling to his mother, and she was moaning back at him.
    • We contemplated having to prusik back up the narrow pitch, should the wallows be impassable, and soon persuaded ourselves to leave it for another day.
    • Subdominant males form separate bachelor groups often in isolated ponds or wallows.
    • The goats forage, trample, and create wallows, scraping away surface material and accelerating soil erosion.
    • Old seal wallows, treacherously covered with floating vegetation, lay in wait for the unwary.
    • They are great diggers of wallows and water-holes and they help other animals to access water.
    • Only this way will you see if the seat gives you a numb bum in 30 minutes, whether is has enough oomph to do what you need, whether it rides like a dray or wallows like a pregnant porpoise.
    • The previous morning while we drove through a dust-ridden wallow, we had approached a Maasai Warrior walking barefoot through the grasslands.
    • Beyond the horse paddock, a troop of capybaras, pig-size aquatic rodents, emerged from the tree line and settled serenely into a wallow.
    • Some of these seeds are blown in by prairie winds; others are carried there in the coats of the wallowing bison - perhaps picked up in another wallow.
    • We often observed confused babirusas searching for lost wallows and pangi trees, and each day saw babirusa skulls lying in the clear streams - remains of the logging team's meal the previous evening.
    • Dog managed to get himself muddier than a hippo in its favourite wallow.