Translation of wallow in Spanish:


revolcarse, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈwɑloʊ//ˈwɒləʊ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(bathe)

      (animal) revolcarse
      hippos wallowing in mud hipopótamos revolcándose en el lodo
      • I love to wallow in a hot bath me encanta estarme horas disfrutando de un baño caliente
      • When the giant waves struck the coast of Kenya, Owen was wallowing with his herd in the ocean near the mouth of the Sabaki River.
      • Now all that's left are guns and herds of overweight buffalo wallowing across a subcontinent of syrup.
      • There was the engine, sparkling clean and just waiting to purr like a kitten, but the rest of the boat looked like a greased pig had wallowed up and down the route to the engine compartment many times.
      • Cape buffalo prefer areas of open pasture, close to jungle and swampy ground where they can wallow.
      • Those who relish the contradiction of something so bad it's good, will wallow like pigs in clover.
      • A lot of people want to wallow like hippos at a waterhole when they go on holiday, and there's nothing wrong with that.
      • The next morning I awoke to the bellows, grunts and snorts of a dozen huge elephant seals wallowing on the black beach below the sleeping dongas (cargo containers).

    • 1.2(delight)

      she wallowed in her new-found fame se regodeaba con su fama recién adquirida
      • to wallow in self-pity regodearse / deleitarse en la autocompasión

  • 2

    (boat/ship) bambolearse


  • 1

    I'm off for a wallow in the bath me voy a dar un baño largo y relajante
    • hippos go there for a wallow los hipopótamos van a ese lugar para revolcarse
  • 2

    revolcadero masculine