Translation of wallpaper in Spanish:


papel pintado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔːlpeɪpə//ˈwɔlˌpeɪpər/


  • 1

    (on a wall)
    papel pintado masculine
    papel tapiz masculine
    papel de empapelar masculine
    • Decorated with wallpapers and furnishings from the late 1800s, rooms have the eccentric yet comfortable Victorian charm of your grandmother's home.
    • Improper surface preparation may also cause some wallpapers to contract on the wall resulting in gaps.
    • In the dining room, layers of wallpaper are being stripped back to reveal a stencilled wall done in terracotta and yellow, not the dark colours you normally associate with Victorian housing.
    • An expert will visit your home and plan a scheme based on the dimensions of the hallway and position of the living room, and any wallpapers, fabrics and furnishings you have planned.
    • The wallpaper at Winterthur shares landscape and architectural element as well as figures with the Beauport paper and other painted wallpapers imported from China in the eighteenth century.
    • The twin bedroom is particularly charming and is now a children's room with nursery rhyme wallpaper and decorative features.
    • Bradbury's company has been long considered the standard setter in the tradition-steeped art of authentically designing and reproducing Victorian, neoclassical, and Arts and Crafts wallpapers.
    • If you are wallpapering a room that flows into another, make sure that the wallpapers in each room flow together.
    • Both textile and paper wallpapers should be installed by professionals.
    • Standard wallpapers consist of a front and backside made of paper.
    • The wallpapers, which cost €35 for 10m, were released to coincide with Habitat's reopening in the former Bank of Ireland building at Dublin's College Green.
    • Collect samples of fabrics, wallpapers and paint colours that appeal to you and assemble them on your board.
    • Chinese wallpapers, known as India papers, began to arrive in Europe around the end of the seventeenth century and proved so popular that they were soon being produced especially for the European market.
    • At these introductory courses students will get hands on experience of working with interior design dealing with actual samples of curtain and upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, borders, flooring, trims, and colour cards.
    • It follows that the plants themselves and depictions in botanical prints, fabrics, wallpapers, and on china suggest traditional English country decorating.
    • As finances permitted, in the living room and one bedroom the dark and tattered wallpapers were stripped and a decorator skilled at papering scrim walls put up new wallpaper.
    • This custom wallpaper is more expensive than some readymade wallpapers, but you can stretch your decorating budget - and give the one-of-a-kind look more prominence - by papering partial walls or a single wall.
    • We've stripped more wallpaper from the dining room, and started clearing everything out of it.
    • The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture has an online search engine that lets you get at its fascinating collection of British wallpapers and textiles from the 1870s to the 1960s.
    • Picking fabrics, wallpapers and colourful accessories are an economical and restrained way to experiment with using colour.
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    (for screen)
    fondo de pantalla masculine
    fondo de escritorio masculine
    • I always get my wallpapers and desktop icons from thereabouts.
    • We not only have a detailed video review, but also high-res movies, and even custom wallpaper for your computer desktop.
    • I've created a set of 20 desktop wallpapers compiled from eight years of photos.
    • She will also provide services like ringtones, Java games and wallpapers.
    • I am stunned into inaction by the brilliance of Darren's un-celebrity desktop wallpapers.

transitive verb

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    (walls/room) empapelar
    • Last night I wallpapered the kitchen then went swimming at 9pm.
    • There was even a small information kiosk that was wallpapered with maps of all the floors of the school.
    • Reexamination of the walls revealed that two rooms were originally wallpapered.
    • This high-ceilinged area is wallpapered in yellow.
    • The odd man out was discovered by Duggan in a house in South Great George's Street - a panel from a room entirely wallpapered in the covers of Time Magazine circa 1960 to 1970.
    • In the room, the walls were wallpapered with scenery, a mythological forest.
    • Over the years, the walls have been painted and wallpapered, woodstoves have come and gone, and faces have aged and been replaced by new faces.
    • My room was actually wallpapered with ‘National Geographic’ maps and my book shelves all had ‘National Geographic’ magazines.
    • However, the task will probably mean that the affected walls will need replastering, repainting, or wallpapering once the new plaster boards have been fitted.
    • The family bathroom has a mosaic tiled floor and is wallpapered.
    • Through scientific analysis he was able to determine a great deal, including that the room was originally wallpapered and the woodwork was painted a warm gray.
    • It is peppy, but not too peppy, giving us a sense of their controlled lifestyle and tediousness - this is the couple who is spending their vacation refinished furniture and wallpapering the guest room.
    • To the left, the drawing room is wallpapered in green and overlooks the front garden through a window with original shutters.
    • As they passed a sort of kitchen, suddenly the walls were wallpapered, and the next thing she knew her paws were sinking into thick shag carpeting.
    • You can use them to add a special decorative touch to painted, wallpapered or faux-finished walls.
    • If you are wallpapering a room that flows into another, make sure that the wallpapers in each room flow together.
    • Both of these reception rooms are wallpapered in peach.
    • He wallpapered the hallway leading to the gallery with blueprints bearing the repeated image of a moon rock.
    • The walls were wallpapered in a warm red color, with a single oak bed angled next to a large window overlooking the fields below us.
    • The ceilings are painted an off-white color, and we have wallpapered boarders with flowers blooming on them.

intransitive verb

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    empapelar paredes