Translation of wanderings in Spanish:


correrías, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɒndərɪŋz//ˈwɑndərɪŋz/

plural noun

  • 1

    correrías feminine
    andanzas feminine
    his wanderings took him as far as China en sus correrías / andanzas llegó hasta la China
    • have you seen my dog on your wanderings? ¿no has visto a mi perro por ahí (en tus idas y venidas)?
    • the wanderings of her mind sus divagaciones / desvaríos
    • In all my wanderings looking for indigenous breeds of dogs, I have seen only two specimens, both near Pollachi, Tamil Nadu.
    • Her strolls became aimless wanderings and she hated the lack of sunlight.
    • The possibilities go on and on if you start thinking about having an intelligent agent that keeps track of your net wanderings.
    • During his subsequent wanderings, Odysseus is dipped repeatedly back into the condition of the obscured.
    • On one of his late night wanderings he discovers a neighbour's dog, dead on the lawn, with a garden fork stabbed through it.
    • If I am trying to make a goal for my blog, I am making it into a script, not a mirror of my thoughts and wanderings.
    • His wanderings lead him to a crossroads where he encounters Laius and kills him in a fight.
    • Their wanderings ceased when they reached the beautiful mountain home where their descendants live today.
    • His subsequent wanderings took him as far as Australia and New Mexico in search of better health and the ideal society, but he found neither.
    • He had a sure destination now, after for so long of aimless wanderings he knew where to go.
    • Journeys, wanderings, separations, and a sense of homelessness are elements of many of the poems.
    • I was quite an insomniac back then, and one night I went for a walk and my wanderings eventually took me through the university.
    • The human mind, in its wide wanderings, has not dreamt, yet, of such a ‘freedom’ as that will be.
    • God tells Jacob, the man of so many wanderings, that he has to make one more journey.
    • In our wanderings through the great forests and wastelands that ringed Aryavarta, there was always a need for one of us to snoop outside.
    • To what she had asked I had slipped in some passing remarks about Panchala and the Yadava lands and herbs and spices and sundry wanderings.
    • It was the walks you could not understand, even when there was a destination you would rather dive for a taxi or the tube, still less leave your heated flat to join my aimless wanderings.
    • It's big enough to incorporate almost the entire seasonal wanderings of more than a million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles.
    • It draws on his experiences while working for a builder in Hastings, where he settled in 1902 after various wanderings.
    • Anis pays attention in class, but only briefly, and then his mind is off on its restless wanderings.