Translation of wane in Spanish:


menguar, v.

Pronunciation /weɪn//weɪn/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (moon) menguar
    • Tory tried to see her reflection, but the moon was waning, the stars obscured by clouds.
    • On the 30th, at 10: 31 P.M., the Moon wanes to last quarter for the second time in August.
    • By the time the moon wanes and Ramadan begins, some of the young men we are searching for might be under a different night sky and under bombardment from American aircraft.
    • I knew Sarah would come in the same way I knew the moon would grow and wane in cycles.
    • Tonight and for the next week or so while the moon is waning with the brightest appearance next Tuesday night.
  • 2

    (popularity/interest) decaer
    (interest/popularity) disminuir
    (interest/popularity) declinar
    support for the strike has waned in recent weeks la huelga ha perdido apoyo en las últimas semanas
    • her strength was waning fast estaba perdiendo rápidamente las fuerzas
    • If, for any reason, dollar confidence wanes these holders could move to ‘hedge’ or liquidate holdings.
    • The gush of oil enthusiasm waned and it was 20 years before any further real interest was shown in the Moturoa field.
    • There was a point when I felt that my enthusiasm was waning, but the act of writing this diary reminds me of all the great things that are happening.
    • Any pups in the pack would show interest in the collar, however this interest would wane to none after 7-10 days.
    • My joy waned as I was greeted by the bright faces of Trevor and Simon looking up at me from the front of the card.
    • I know I am being harsh but I have watched two out of th the three hours thus far aired and my interest is already waning.
    • I wonder if the present enthusiasm may wane over time for this recommendation.
    • This is much like a futures contract, an exchange traded forward agreement, that starts off hot with growing open interest, but then interest wanes with the contract's eventual delisting.
    • He has rightly suggested Ascot, who would welcome the move as they hold a lingering suspicion that interest is waning in steeplechasing.
    • When his political aspirations waned, he thought the video would serve as social commentary.
    • Martin Lee thinks his party's public support remains firm, even as China fears wane.
    • Sympathy is waning all ready before a tenth of the bodies have been pulled out.
    • Your Aries child will display a great deal of enthusiasm in his or her day to day life - but be warned that this enthusiasm can wane very quickly as the child moves on to the next interest.
    • It's all very well to have a decent sex scene here and there, but when it's pretty much only that surrounded by an extremely meagre plot, I find my interest wanes rather quickly.
    • Though my friend's interest waned and our friendship failed, my interest in the Craft only grew stronger.
    • Interest had waned over time although expectations were high that the site clean-up might re-awaken it.
    • All the lands were grey and still; and ever the shadows deepened before them, and hope waned in every heart.
    • Those who attack the veil often do so, not out of republican passion, but because that passion has waned.
    • Then we heard that the water was opening for pike fishing, so the trout interest waned somewhat.
    • As a result, the Commonwealth's powers have waxed and the residual ones of the states have waned.
  • 3waning present participle

    (moon) menguante
    (interest/influence/popularity) decreciente