Translation of want in Spanish:


querer, v.

Pronunciation /wɒnt//wɑnt//wɔnt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(require, desire)

      what do you want this for? ¿para qué quieres esto?
      • is there anything you want? ¿se le ofrece algo?
      • (it's) just what I('ve) always wanted! ¡(es) justo lo que quería!
      • I want my daddy! ¡quiero que venga mi papá!
      • the boss wants you el jefe te quiere ver / quiere hablar contigo
      • he's wanted on the phone hay una llamada para él
      • I know when I'm not wanted! sé muy bien cuando estoy de más
      • I want it done today quiero que se haga hoy
      • she wants it ready today quiere que esté listo hoy
      • does he want the book back? ¿quiere que le devuelvan (or le devolvamos etc.) el libro?
      • I wouldn't want him for a father-in-law no quisiera tenerlo de / como suegro
      • what do you want as a birthday present? ¿qué quieres de regalo de cumpleaños?
      • everything you could want from a car todo lo que se le puede pedir a un coche
      • what does he want with an electric guitar? ¿para qué quiere una guitarra eléctrica?
      • to want to + inf querer + inf
      • they only want to help solo quieren ayudar
      • she can be charming when she wants to (be) es un encanto cuando quiere / cuando se lo propone
      • the car doesn't want to start el coche no quiere arrancar
      • to want sb/sth to + inf querer que algn/algo + subj
      • what do you want me to do/say? ¿qué quieres que haga/diga?
      • we want the party to be a success queremos que la fiesta sea un éxito
      • to want sb/sth -ing querer que algn/algo + subj
      • he doesn't want them snooping around no quiere que anden husmeando por allí
      • It combines faith, commune, all the key elements of magick, in a simple system that it available to anyone who wants in on it.
      • The last poster is right about Democrats wanting in on it, too.
      • Clearly, this was a guy, with all the impending pressures, he wanted out of that marriage.
      • Never thrusting himself upon the crowd, but quietly allowing people to find him, he had a confidence in his own ability to judge who and what he wants out of every situation.
      • He was all set to write about his experiences on the jury, and now he wants out of the deal.
      • I know what he wants from certain situations and what he wants out of a team.
      • He wants out of the hypocrisy of his ordination, but he has no place to go.
      • Jonera just wants out of Haiti as soon as possible.
      • Rosa said that although she does not want to drop the charges, she cannot handle the pressures of the situation anymore and wants out of the Army.
      • Like Dillon, he wants out of his current situation.
      • For those wanting in on the action, the group will be having both fall and spring auditions.
      • If it was beating down on this guy that he wanted out on Monday, what's that say about what's going on in there?
      • One youngster said the only thing he wanted out of school was himself.
      • You know, he wanted out of that quicker than these people got married on Fox wanted out of that marriage.
      • The whole lot wants digging up and replacing with a small roundabout like it should have been since day one.
      • So, for starters, we can place anyone who wants into an elite fighting unit, but does not meet the vision requirements, into a difficult training program.
      • It supports the sense that the Commission wants out.
      • I smiled slightly, ‘The game is afoot: anyone wants out, now's the time to say it.’
      • My wife dropped the bomb on me last April - didn't want to work on fixing the marriage, just wanted out.
      • Anyone else wants in on a very casual group comic blog, with no real guidelines and no minimum posting requirements, just let me know.
      • Tabloids have reported that she didn't want children and that's why Brad wanted out.

    • 1.2

      (police) buscar
      [ S ]wanted se busca
      • he is wanted for murder lo buscan por asesinato
      • she is wanted for questioning la buscan para interrogarla
      • The four men pictured above are urgently wanted to assist the police in their enquiries.
      • The crane driver fled the scene after the accident and is wanted for questioning.
      • Seven men have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burglary, and another is wanted by police.
      • Egan is only wanted for questioning at the moment, and is not necessarily a suspect in the bombing.
      • He was named as wanted by Bedfordshire Police in 1998 in connection with the murder of Mr Farrow.
      • The police had wanted him to testify, but Mr. M. said that he did not want to get involved.
      • There are around 700 bail dodgers in Bolton who are wanted by police on outstanding warrants.
      • Yosic was wanted by Interpol for murders and drug dealing in the Netherlands and Germany.
      • Neighbours were woken up by police officers who wanted to know where Mrs Wiggins and their two children were.
      • She is known to have had a relationship with a homeless man who was wanted by police in connection with a stolen credit card.

    • 1.3(as price for sth)

      how much does she want for the picture? ¿cuánto pide por el cuadro?
      • Feel the heat of desire, forget wanting a new car.
      • But the most improbable event occurs when he decides he wants a love life and asks to be given a human appearance.
      • Five years ago, when manager of a Hull nursing home, she decided she wanted a career in the hospitality industry.
      • He takes time to walk around the set with his cameraman before the actors arrive and that he uses this time to decide how he wants the scene to look.
      • She decides she wants hypnotherapy to find out why she causes so many accidents.
      • Its members want action and their desire is motivated by an understanding of the facts about bigotry.
      • So then put the pros and cons up for the public to decide if they want fluoride in their water.
      • There's national encouragement to meet that commitment, but it's for each parish to decide if it wants a formal scheme.
      • He wants the community to decide in a referendum at the September 2003 council elections.
      • Until Frankie decides he wants it all, including the lady- and there'll be no witnesses.
      • This year, when a Eurocamp holiday was offered to me, we decided we wanted sunshine pretty well guaranteed.
      • He takes a risk because he thinks he can get away with it because the facts may well turn out to support his editor's desire and he wants a quiet life and to be obliging.
      • I sit at home at night thinking about them, wanting them, desiring them.
      • Pamela found herself not wanting the attention, wishing she was away from Dewhurst Manor long enough to collect her wits.
      • But she became exasperated by the saga and decided she wanted her cash back.
      • You'll have to decide if you want that kind of photo on the front page of your newspaper.
      • So when it came to choosing her object of desire, she wanted an attractive object with a practical side.
      • He wants my employer to decide where outside the network I am to be permitted to connect the Palm.
      • Pakistan spurned the vote because it wants a plebiscite to decide rule between India and itself.
      • It is now formulating its desires of where it wants its marine reserves to be, then the industry can have what is left.

    • 1.4(sexually)

      • So Kathy is reduced to tears of frustration as she waits to see whether Anna wants her as a sexual partner.
      • I've always tried to please him with the clothes I buy but him not wanting me sexually I find very hurtful.

  • 2

    the garage wants a coat of paint al garaje le hace falta / el garaje necesita una mano de pintura
    • that child wants a good thrashing a ese niño le hace falta una buena paliza
    • you'll want your umbrella vas a necesitar / te va a hacer falta el paraguas
    • [ S ]gardener wanted se necesita / se precisa jardinero
    • we all like to feel wanted a todos nos gusta sentir que nos necesitan
    • you want a number 65 bus tiene que tomar el 65
    • you want the second door on the right es la segunda puerta a la derecha
    • the last thing I want is a cold maldita la falta que me hace resfriarme ahora
    • there's Meg — that's all I wanted! ahí viene Meg — ¡lo (único / último) que me faltaba!
    • you want to see a doctor/to stop smoking tienes que ver a un médico/dejar de fumar
    • you want to be more careful! ¡a ver si tienes más cuidado!
    • you want to see the mess he's made! ¡tendrías que ver el desastre que ha hecho!
    • to want -ing
    • the house wants cleaning hay que limpiar la casa
    • tell me what wants doing dime qué hay que hacer
    • the referee wants his eyes testing el árbitro va a tener que ir al oculista
  • 3formal

    carecer de formal

intransitive verb


  • 1

    they will never want again no volverá a faltarles nada
    • the Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want el Señor es mi pastor, nada me puede faltar


  • 1

    (requirement, need)
    necesidad feminine
    their wants are few sus necesidades son pocas
    • to be in want of sth tener necesidad de algo
    • The story goes that the handsome prince, in want of a wife, invited all the girls in the land to a ball.
    • The broken roof tiles seen through the grilled door say the area is in want of care.
    • I was never any good at anything in this department, though not for lack of interest or want of trying.
    • It wasn't for lack of want for friends that he had few, but for his place of residence.
    • Men, he claimed, are in want of youth, good skin and lustrous hair.
  • 2

    (lack, absence)
    falta feminine
    carencia feminine formal
    to feel the want of sth/sb sentir la falta de algo/algn
  • 3

    (destitution, penury)
    miseria feminine
    indigencia feminine
    to live in want vivir en la miseria / indigencia
    • What Ireland and our Bertie should align itself and us to is not a war on terror but a war on want.