Translation of war grave in Spanish:

war grave

tumba de soldado, n.


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    tumba de soldado feminine
    • Remembrance Travel offers everyone a chance to pay a sentimental or educational visit to war graves, memorials and battlefields around the globe, led by experienced and knowledgeable guides.
    • HMS Exmouth is a war grave, one of the wrecks specifically targeted by the people lobbying to restrict wreck-diving.
    • It was not a military ship, so it wouldn't be classed as a war grave.
    • It is an official war grave with more than 800 sailors' bodies on board, lying off Scapa Flow.
    • The War Graves Commission, which maintains war graves, was told of the graffiti on Monday and it will be assessing the damage to the stones.
    • U77E is a World War One mine-laying submarine that was found in 1993 and should be respected as a war grave.
    • Why is there a solitary war grave in New Delhi Jewish Cemetery?
    • Up to the time the tomb was closed on 18 November, an estimated 1,250,000 people visited the Abbey, and the site is now one of the most visited war graves in the world.
    • We are maintaining war graves in nearly 2,000 cemeteries around Australia and PNG.
    • A diving expedition has surveyed the wreck of the cruiser, now a war grave lying at 250 ft.
    • Although the site is not a war grave, the wreckage was returned to the tarn after identification.
    • Thirteen-year-old Radcliffe girl Carol Davison, of Beech Avenue, Outwood, was to visit the war grave of her father as part of a ‘youth pilgrimage’ to Holland.
    • A relative of a man killed when a World War Two destroyer was sunk is to complain to the Ministry of Defence after an Orkney-based dive team removed items from the war grave.
    • It is a very unusual to have such a remote war grave, but it is important to remember the debt we owe to these airmen.
    • The warship, sunk by a German U-boat in 1939 with the loss of 833 lives, is a designated war grave.
    • Previously he lay unidentified in a war grave, marked with the phrase ‘Known Unto God’.
    • The proposed development zone had included a number of war cemeteries, including Commonwealth cemeteries containing the war graves of 61 Australians killed during the two world wars.
    • When you visit the war graves and see so many young aircrew (most aged between 19 and 21) who died for their country, you realise their bravery has not been acknowledged.
    • Flowers were placed on Norwegian war graves at St Olaf's Cemetery and also in graveyards in Lyness and Westray.
    • Earlier this year in company with teachers and students from Wellington College, New Zealand I visited war graves and battle sites in France and Flanders.