Translation of warily in Spanish:


con cautela, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈwɛrəli//ˈwɛːrɪli/


  • 1

    (drive/speak) con cautela
    (drive/speak) cautelosamente
    they eyed each other warily se miraron con recelo
    • to tread warily andarse con pie(s) de plomo
    • Color plays a pivotal role in a website's impact, thus, it must be considered warily.
    • Oxford is watching warily for a mumps outbreak as universities across the country see case after case.
    • They both turned to Paxton, who was watching them warily, apparently not wanting to get too close to Seth, which irritated him.
    • Marines stepped warily around the bodies, looking for their own comrades.
    • At that moment, Anne let out a huge yawn, and Lady Catherine looked at her warily.
    • Elsewhere, ethnic groups continue to eye one another warily.
    • Adjustment comes in stages, each step taken warily.
    • Dunfermline had more reason than most to approach the match warily.
    • You had to approach these people warily.
    • Even the most instinctively bellicose warily warn of making matters worse.
    • They freeze, lapse into a wide-eyed silence, then warily continue their conversation.
    • He looked back to Jessie, who regarded him warily from beneath a cascade of reddish curls.
    • When the questioner is employed by the state broadcaster of one of the occupying powers, the respondents might be expected to answer warily.
    • Warily, he reached out and turned the knob, easing the door open.
    • Gabriel made his way warily down the row of curtained cubicles.
    • Elizabeth just looked at her warily, not moving from where she stood.
    • Kill white men the Crows did not, but trappers regarded them warily.
    • Large-scale demonstrations were held and warily tolerated by the military.
    • Offered his old job back by former boss Hunter, in return for taking on a case, he warily accepts.
    • It was enough to know they were there, watching warily from their cover as we passed them by.
    • And that's exactly why third-year Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, a Pro Bowler in 2001, is approaching the season warily.
    • Upon warily entering a cafe you're immediately barked at for your order.
    • Bombarded with stories about unscrupulous corporate executives and the employees they done wrong, workers begin to gaze warily at their own managers.
    • But while the desire to escape the British climate may be strong, you need to tread warily if your dream home in the sun is not to become a nightmare.
    • Will his followers climb that mountain with him or will they stay a few feet away and watch him warily?
    • Bennett Templar eyed the envelope warily without touching it.
    • In desperation, she entered warily into a sexual liaison with an army captain, who offered some promise of economic stability.
    • If you do go down this route then please tread warily.
    • Institutions that were once accorded great deference including the government and the military are now eyed warily.
    • Both Harriet and William strike the reader as somewhat eccentric, the sort of neighbors or colleagues one tolerates but befriends only warily.
    • In a photo taken in 1965, the year my first child was born and my brother died, I eye the camera warily, my mouth in a tense line.
    • And synod and churchwide leaders look warily toward the future.
    • I warily approach her, softly calling her name.
    • He looks warily at her, but she assures him, "Nothing's gonna happen."
    • Nobuyuki Yamaguchi concedes that conservationists need to tread warily in the U.K., a nation of pet lovers.
    • Amid widespread fears that York is being over-developed, many residents will view the proposal warily.
    • She eyed him warily for a moment, then nodded.