Translation of warlike in Spanish:


bélico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔːlʌɪk//ˈwɔrˌlaɪk/


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    (preparations) bélico
    (preparations) de guerra
    (tribe) guerrero
    (tribe) belicoso
    • The actual reasons for the country's belligerence are its desire to control Middle Eastern oil, bolster the warlike strategy of their allies and distract the public from domestic issues.
    • The obvious choice is North Korea, an aggressive and warlike nation ruled by a mad and brutal dictator known for supporting terror and building weapons of mass destruction.
    • China's prime minister did not mention the warlike tension between India and Pakistan as he was welcomed to New Delhi yesterday, making the first State visit by a Chinese leader in more than a decade.
    • They recognise the service of non-infantry regular and reserve personnel who were assigned to a combat team and participate in war fighting against an armed enemy on warlike operations.
    • They did not, however, approach the Prophet for the guarantee of peace, but made warlike preparations and decided to strike at the first opportunity.
    • He wanted to create a ‘pure’, warlike Italian nation and believed in the pseudo-science of eugenics.
    • Where group contact occurred, sometimes it must have involved rivalry, disputes, threats, intimidation, intervention, invasion, conquest, and other hostile and warlike interactions.
    • The loser will hand over the kingdom to the winner and, laying aside all warlike intentions, he will have to retire the forest with his party forever.
    • It can n longer present its warlike policies as being in accordance with the political will of the whole nation, because a part - perhaps a significant part - of the nation is saying ‘not in my name’.
    • Personnel are not to travel to countries where there are warlike operations either with or without Australian Defence Force involvement.
    • Political leaders were more honest about the warlike nature of nations a hundred years ago.
    • The next morning it became clear that Ireland was in the grip of a warlike state of national emergency.
    • The president's inaugural address, in talking about universal freedom, talks about all sorts of possibilities for this country, not just warlike ones but peaceful ones.
    • The secretive machinery set up to serve warlike purposes still patterns much of our research and innovation processes today, even purely civilian work.
    • I do think that we have to take action, warlike action on those who've taken action on us, because the action on the United States was an act of war.
    • It includes also the industrial forces in Japan, who are opposed to the warlike policy of the present Prime Minister.
    • Some of the warlike clans among the Irish were constantly engaging the British along the border of the Pale and several of the leaders of the government groups had gone back to England.
    • According to the historian William McNeill, Western Europe during the so-called Age of Faith was the most warlike civilization on earth, with the exception of Japan.
    • Precisely why football matters to Americans is fodder for a book (male aggression and the warlike strategy of attacking and defending ground top the list, followed by its stature as a beer-consumption opportunity).
    • He was awarded a distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations as the Medical Officer of HMAS Stuart during combat rescue operations in the Persian Gulf.
    • Tacitus described them as a strong and warlike nation, and for ten years or more the Romans fought to contain rather than conquer them.
    • When he assumed power in 27 BC, Augustus was confronted with the problem of subduing the Alpine region, whose warlike tribes threatened the communications between Italy and Gaul.
    • Our country's first-hand experience with the reality of warlike violence will prove, in the end, our best leverage against engaging in yet another senseless bloodbath.
    • To be sure, the acts of that day had a warlike aspect.
    • As an island nation, and at times a pretty warlike one, it should come as no real surprise to find that Britain has some of the finest and most dramatic coastal castles and fortifications in the world.
    • It stands for the ritualised, knee-jerk, automatic use of warlike TV debate formats, which polarise people but do not always, in the end, give a clear indication of where the key players stand.
    • Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with those warlike preparations which cover our waters and darken our land.
    • Others cite the allegedly more benign characteristics of Spanish American Indians in contrast to the threat to English settlement posed by the more warlike Indians of North America.
    • Forte is like a man with breasts, aggressive and warlike but somehow gentle.
    • They are large, muscular people, with a warlike and aggressive culture, and the English found them much more difficult to control than the Aborigines.
    • America's warlike policies, applauded in the Reichstag, are not only directed against foes abroad but also at home.
    • The Government has decided the nature of service for Operation Falconer is warlike for the purpose of conditions of service entitlements.
    • France had been conquered in less than six weeks, America didn't like getting involved in world affairs, and Japan was a warlike nation hell-bent on conquest.
    • Once the forbidding territory of the warlike Mackenzie clan, the estate land was acquired in the 19th century by the Earl of Zetland, who later sold most of it to the Whitbread brewing family.