Translation of warn in Spanish:


advertir, v.

Pronunciation /wɔːn//wɔrn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    I'm warning you! ¡te lo advierto!
    • you have been warned! ¡(recuerda que) te lo he advertido!, ¡quedas / estás avisado / advertido!
    • be warned! ¡cuidado!
    • he's been warned about his bad language before ya se le ha llamado la atención por su vocabulario
    • to warn sb not to + inf
    • we had been warned not to go nos habían advertido que no fuéramos
    • I warn you not to try my patience too far te lo advierto: no me hagas perder la paciencia
    • Police are warning residents not to confront a gang of brazen and aggressive thieves who have struck more than 50 times in Wiltshire, stealing power tools from vans.
    • Police officers are also warning elderly people to be on their guard tonight because Halloween can be rife with people committing distraction burglaries.
    • Whatever the reason, Shuggy's behaviour eventually prompted a police caution, warning him that if he didn't calm down then he would be in serious trouble.
    • Police are warning motorists to expect severe problems with road closures, especially on Friday, and advising people to make other arrangements.
    • Police are warning drivers to remain cautious today after a winter storm dumped as much as 14 inches of snow on parts of eastern Virginia.
    • Police are warning people to make sure their houses are secure even when they are in them following a spate of ‘creeper’ burglaries.
    • Police are warning elderly people to be on their guard after a Balham resident was duped out of £10, believing he was helping a neighbour.
    • Despite officers warning him about his conduct he continued to hurl insults and was arrested.
    • Then suddenly and without warning the police moved in on horseback and foot, wrestling random fans to the floor and using their batons with sickening accuracy.
    • More than 20 other people were sent letters from housing officials and police officers warning them that their behaviour could constitute a public nuisance.
    • The four were sent a letter from the council formally warning them about their conduct on January 20.
    • Police are warning troublemakers that their behaviour will not be tolerated following another weekend of assaults and vandalism.
    • Police are warning people to be on their guard against credit card cheats after a Braintree woman had hers stolen and the thief tried to trick her into revealing her secret identity number.
    • Police are warning farmers, horse owners and equestrian establishments to check security and be extra vigilant following a number of thefts in the North Wiltshire area.
    • Police are warning the public to be cautious when opening their door to strangers.
    • Police are warning farmers to secure valuable machinery and to mark it for identification, as well as maintaining serial number records.
    • Well, we have for a long time provided early warning advice on the launch of ballistic missiles.
    • Police warning Sinn Fein warned the government yesterday that a crisis was looming over the policing of Northern Ireland which may unravel the peace process.
    • Now police are warning anyone who used the machine over the Easter weekend, including the bank holiday Monday, to check their bank accounts in case they too have become victims of the scam.
    • A huge pop concert for girl guides, a demonstration, and two major sporting events all take place on Saturday, and police are warning drivers to stay clear.
  • 2

    (inform, advise)
    I did warn you (that) I might be late te avisé / te advertí que quizás llegaría tarde
    • we'd been warned to expect trouble ya nos habían avisado / advertido que habría problemas
    • he warned me about the danger me advirtió del peligro
    • they were warned about the rats les advirtieron que había ratas
    • to warn sb against sth/sb prevenir a algn contra algo/algn
    • I was warned against them me previnieron contra ellos
    • we were warned against swimming in the river nos aconsejaron que no nadáramos en el río
    • We in the Newtown and Guillamene Swimming Club are constantly warning about the dangers but at the end of the day it's up to parents to ensure the safety of their children.
    • Was that old woman she met earlier telling the truth, and that she really was warning Alli of a possible danger that could befall her?
    • The Bank of England is poised to warn of the dangers of a collapse in house prices.
    • Because of the possible dangers we are warning customers not to use them.
    • It also warns of the dangers of transferring patients when beds are not available.
    • Mr Sheard warns us of the dangers of Airedale and other local hospitals being incorporated into Bradford.
    • It has since emerged that she had been warned of the rumours at least two days before.
    • Parents also should be informed about the dangers and warning signs of inhalant abuse.
    • Bulky agricultural machinery which dominates country roads should be accompanied by advance warning vehicles, a coroner said.
    • Hector said to his men warning them of the possible dangers of an ambush.
    • The report also warned of the dangers of failing to improve the lot of ordinary Iraqis.
    • He also warned about the dangers of being divided by the scapegoating of refugees.
    • The conclusion also warns that I might possibly be frustrated if I don't have an outlet for my creative urges.
    • ‘It was a nice sunny day, but unfortunately there were no signs, no flags warning us about the dangers,’ he said.
    • The residents' acute fear of crime is itself a source of real danger, warns Budapest fire chief Peter Bende.
    • They're warning of a heightened possibility of an eruption after more than a thousand small earthquakes.
    • He was told that advance warning signs were put in place and that, if he could obtain permission from landowners, the council would remove some trees.
    • It was a habit left over from the old days when the king and his ministers were thus warned of danger.
    • They become one-way routes, but they don't move, because people were not given the kind of advance warning they should get.
    • Mary, on her way to Greenwich, was warned of the trap and rode pell-mell for Norfolk.