Translation of wary in Spanish:


cauteloso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwɛri//ˈwɛːri/

adjectivewarier, wariest

  • 1

    (manner/attitude) cauteloso
    (manner/attitude) precavido
    to keep a wary eye on sth/sb vigilar algo/a algn de cerca
    • to be wary of sb/sth no fiarse de algn/algo
    • I would be wary of him/his motives yo no me fiaría de él/de sus motivos
    • the government is wary of military involvement el gobierno se resiste a dar intervención a las fuerzas armadas
    • to be wary of strangers recelar / no fiarse de los desconocidos
    • She had learned too early in life to be wary and watchful, to worry and to expect the worst.
    • It is no wonder that the bosses of small companies are wary of treading the stock market path.
    • It does make you feel wary of other people in that profession, which is a shame.
    • A panic alarm had been installed at his home by police and he was still wary about going out.
    • We understand some people may be wary of changing the NHS that we all grew up with.
    • It is important to be wary of the way in which words are used to influence our thinking.
    • Mr Fisher says that with the advent of new technology teachers need to be wary.
    • So just as much as the text in an article, be wary of the message presented in any image.
    • I was always a bit wary of its claim to being the chosen resting place of Pocahontas.
    • He also taught me that you should be most wary when politicians are trying to get something.
    • We should be wary of dangers to our liberty and privacy with the excuse of security.
    • Keays said she was now wary about her daughter's desire to meet with her father.
    • Yet he was once a quarter-finalist at junior Wimbledon and has no need to be wary.
    • How often have those five simple words struck terror into the heart of the wary viewer?
    • She still has problems with her knee and says she is wary about going into town with her handbag.
    • Shrewd and wary was Leofric, careful and measured in all things, nothing beyond him.
    • Perhaps he is wary of appearing to be an apologist in the eyes of his western readers.
    • Some taxpayers might be wary of online filing because of earlier problems with the system.
    • He was truly despairing, but the muted female voice was firm, but understandably wary.
    • I was wary of him at first and he had to ask my permission to give me a kiss.