Translation of wash in Spanish:


Pronunciation /wɒʃ//wɑʃ//wɔʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(act)

      I'll give the car/the carpet a wash voy a lavar el coche/la alfombra
      • give your face a good wash lávate bien la cara
      • I'll give my hair a wash me voy a lavar la cabeza / el pelo
      • to have a wash lavarse

    • 1.2(in washing machine)

      lavado masculine
      prewash and wash prelavado y lavado masculine
      • before noun wash cycle ciclo de lavado
      • wash program programa de lavado
      • Switching off the TV at night instead of leaving it on standby, saving the weekly wash until you've got a full load, and only boiling as much water as you need, can all save money.
      • He helps with the evening meal, takes the little one swimming and talks the big one through his homework, bungs in a wash and then rolls up his sleeves for bathtime.
      • I am ‘punished’ for not doing the wash by having only dirty clothes to wear.
      • I do have a little exfoliating cloth thing that I use sometimes and then throw into the wash with the other laundry.
      • Many women made their own soap and took a pride in hanging out a white wash.
      • She kept picking my clean sports clothes out of the wash.
      • The outbuildings had rooms for drying beans, storing lumber, hanging the wash in bad weather.
      • When she looks at him, he starts to purr so she puts down her wash and scratches him behind the ears.
      • I decided to use the opportunity to put on a wash.
      • Kathryn was cackling happily as she dropped Olivia's purple sock into the wash with her brother's white underclothes.

    • 1.3(laundry)

      I do a wash every Monday los lunes hago la colada Spain
      • your shirt is in the wash (being washed) tu camisa está lavándose
      • the colors ran in the wash los colores destiñeron al lavarlo
      • it will all come out in the wash (things will sort themselves out) todo se va a arreglar

  • 2

    • 2.1(sound of waves)

      chapoteo masculine
      the gentle wash of the waves on the shore el suave batir de las olas contra la orilla
      • Another went racing across the wash of the boat, its sail and sickle shaped tail leaving no doubt as to its identity.
      • The jet wash at 13,000 feet was testimony to how close we were to swapping more than ‘paint’ on that fateful day.
      • The main problem, Ray says, is the wake or wash left by the boat.
      • The 10 mph limit is no problem to the wildlife whose habitat is destroyed by pollutants and the wash from high-speed boats.
      • Stand aft to look down on the wake frothing up from the propeller wash.
      • A witness was concerned the wash could endanger staff working on moored boats in the area, as well as swamping rowing boats in the Putney area.
      • My first thought was I had flown through jet wash from another aircraft.
      • When we land near water, the wash from the blades moves them around like floating logs.
      • We passed over a number of waves created by their wash and then the last one swamped us.
      • It has been impossible to go out in my steamboat because it is long and narrow and could easily be rolled over by the wash from speedboats.
      • The crew braces for shock, the boat shudders and a giant plume of boat wash is the only mark left in the faint moonlight as the boat races forward into harm's way.

    • 2.2(left by boat, plane)

      estela feminine

  • 3

    • 3.1(of paint)

      capa feminine
      mano feminine
      • Three limpid watercolors reveal their development through a few washes applied to a pencil or ink line drawing, providing more graphic than chromatic complexity.
      • The exhibition starts with Ferron's darker compositions of the '40s; often the weave of the canvas is visible through thin washes of oil paint.
      • The sun was setting in a wash of scarlet beyond the great hippodrome.
      • Using a thick brush, cover a sheet of paper with a bright wash of watery paint.
      • The moon hung in the sky nearly full, spreading a luminous wash across the pale landscape.
      • A blue-green wash, visible through the light coatings of varnish, surrounds the central form.
      • While the paint is still damp, I drop blobs of brown paint onto the wet wash, creating a random spotted pattern.
      • To produce his works, he screenprints one or more photographic images, sometimes a single one repeated, onto the canvas, overlaying them with acrylic washes of various densities.
      • Over the years Sol has used pencil, artist's crayon, Crayola crayons, chalk lines, ink washes and, as in our case, acrylic paint.
      • Both cabinets are made of sycamore entirely ebonized, and the panels are painted with washes of brown and amber, so that the golden color of the close-grained wood shows through.
      • Her variegated surfaces may be opaque or layered as transparent washes, glazed or scraped, scumbled, wiped down or sanded.
      • Throughout his life, possibly because of crippling arthritis, his preferred medium was watercolour, painted in luminous washes within tight well-defined outlines.
      • A watercolour wash is a fluid made up of water in which the colour particles brushed from cakes of pigment are suspended.
      • I introduced a variety of glazing techniques including light washes, layering, blending, blotting, spraying and antiquing.
      • Most of the time these techniques employ glazes or washes applied over a solid colored background color.
      • Stephens veils the pastoral subjects with milky washes that streak the surface, and a brown glaze that drips languorously down it.
      • The approach is similar to painting with thin washes of oil or watercolor.
      • His paintings have the quality of screen prints at times: flat blockiness competes with spongy washes and the enticing effect of dry pigment dragged across a surface.
      • Finally, rub down the wood to remove the splinters, give it a thin wash of acrylic paint and brush on the clear preservative.
      • He'll mix it with pale washes of oil paint, but avoids getting into a paint process that would require thicker paint and building up layers of glazing.

    • 3.2Art

      aguada feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (shirt/car/fruit) lavar
    (floor) fregar
    (floor) lavar Latin America
    to wash one's face/hair lavarse la cara/la cabeza / el pelo
    • to wash the dishes fregar / lavar los platos
    • don't try to wash the stain off no intentes quitar la mancha
    • to wash the shampoo out of one's hair aclararse el pelo
  • 2

    (for gold)
    (gravel/mud) lavar
  • 3

    (carry away)
    the body had been washed ashore by the tide la corriente había arrastrado el cuerpo hasta la orilla
    • the wave nearly washed him overboard la ola casi lo arrojó por la borda
  • 4literary

    bañar literary
    the sound of the waves washing the shore el sonido de las olas al bañar la orilla
  • 5

    (wall) pintar
    (wall) dar una mano de pintura a
    (color) extender

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (clean oneself)
    (cat/person) lavarse
    she prefers to wash in cold water prefiere lavarse con agua fría
  • 2

    (do dishes)
  • 3

    (do laundry)
    (person/washing machine) lavar (la ropa)
    (person/washing machine) hacer la colada Spain
  • 4

    (come clean)
    this shirt washes well esta camisa se lava bien
    • the mud will wash off easily será fácil quitar(le) el barro
    • it won't wash no va a colar
    • her excuses just won't wash with me any more no me voy a volver a tragar sus excusas
  • 5

    the water washed against the rocks el agua batía contra las rocas

Translation of Wash in Spanish:


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