Translation of washer-up in Spanish:


friegaplatos, n.

Pronunciation //

nounPlural washers-up


  • 1

    friegaplatos masculine
    lavaplatos mf
    lavatrastes masculine Mexico
    • Make sure you recruit a washer-up at home before you start cooking, though - the argument being that all your time and creative energy will have been spent fine-tuning your new repertoire to perfection.
    • He worked first as a washer-up and, later, as a manager at Pasta Mania, and as a night manager at a burger bar in Covent Garden.
    • I was working as a washer-up in an Indian restaurant in Stratford-Upon-Avon, back in 1985.
    • He worked for a while as a washer-up in a French restaurant, saving up to go to La Coupole; Conran was continually astonished by ‘this place where they had never heard of rationing.’
    • The hotel's general manager said ‘Jeremy was booked in as a guest, and our regular washer-up was late.’