Translation of washrag in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwɔʃˌræɡ//ˈwɒʃraɡ//ˈwɑʃˌræɡ/



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    • Well, after the rain had stopped I decided to take my washrag and soap outside.
    • She took the soaked washrag that had been lying on her chest, and threw it into the sink.
    • She went into the bathroom and got some hot water, a washrag, and some bandages.
    • He lay still beneath his covers and his washrag.
    • Evan's mom came back with, like she said, a damp washrag and a bandaid.
    • My mother, always keen to take action, scrubbed his tongue with a washrag.
    • Elle slammed the washrag she held in her hand into the sink.
    • I snatched a washrag from the towel rack so hard I snapped myself.
    • I'm gonna get some wet washrags to wash up those nasty cuts.
    • She handed me the washrag and ran out of the room.
    • She grabbed the nearest washrag and began to pat her face with it, trying to calm down.
    • There are clean towels and washrags under the sink and shampoo is already in the shower.
    • She grabbed the little washrag, dried her hands, and then dried the counter before putting it back.
    • I just want to know how it is that you comb your hair with a washrag so successfully.
    • The humidity had him feeling like a damp washrag by the time Sam wriggled his way through the vines and over clumps of rocks, fallen coconuts, and other debris.