Translation of wasp in Spanish:


avispa, n.

Pronunciation: /wɑsp//wɒsp/


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    avispa feminine
    wasps' nest avispero masculine
    • I could see the anxiety on Zack's face when the wasp buzzed past a second time.
    • I wouldn't mind, as I remind my wife, but I've never in my life been stung by a wasp.
    • It didn't kill the wasps, the nest was made of paper so it absorbed the shock and just split open.
    • A nest of wasps gathered in my mother-in-law's garden shed and I bought a spray and killed them all.
    • Among the Caribs, the girls undergo a similar ritual, except that stinging ants rather than wasps are used.
    • But this is the time of year that a lot of people usually get stung by wasps or bees.
    • Another hazard that sometimes faced the picker was disturbing a nest of wasps or some other stinging creatures.
    • Swarms of bees and wasps would also have nested in the forest.
    • Bites from bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and fire ants are typically the most troublesome.
    • I closed my eyes and held my breath when the wasp stung me.
    • The latest accident is thought to have been triggered when one of the horses was stung by a wasp, causing it to bolt.
    • It stung like a million wasps, but suddenly, my hand was back to normal.
    • Common wasps are social insects and live in nests of up to around 10,000 workers.
    • When a nasty wasp stung two of us, the shaman congratulated us, saying it would help mitigate the future contraction of arthritis.
    • I myself was stung by some wasps and went into mild anaphylactic shock.
    • I was cleaning up my flowerbeds for fall when a wasp flew up and stung me on the cheek.
    • Most stinging wasps and bees are beneficial and should be preserved unless they pose a direct hazard to humans.
    • When a male wasp crashes into the orchid, it gets covered with orchid pollen.
    • In many eusocial wasps, nests are founded by single females that remain alone until offspring emergence.
    • Once, he was bitten by a horrendous dog, and was also stung by a wasp.

Translation of Wasp in Spanish:



Pronunciation: /wɒsp//wɑsp/



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