Translation of waste in Spanish:


desperdicio, n.

Pronunciation /weɪst//weɪst/


  • 1

    (of fuel, materials)
    desperdicio masculine
    derroche masculine
    a waste of time una pérdida de tiempo
    • it's a waste of money es tirar el dinero
    • don't you think it's a waste of space? ¿no te parece que estás desperdiciando / desaprovechando espacio?
    • a waste of effort un esfuerzo inútil
    • it's a waste of breath trying to make him see reason tratar de que entre en razón es gastar saliva inútilmente
    • the waste of food here is dreadful es espantoso cómo tiran aquí la comida
    • there is no waste in this ham este jamón no tiene desperdicio
    • we can save money by avoiding waste podemos economizar evitando los despilfarros
    • she's working as a waitress: it's such a waste! trabaja de camarera: ¡qué desperdicio!
    • to go to waste echarse a perder
    • he let his talent go to waste desperdició su talento
    • In fact he reckons it's a giant waste of taxpayer's money.
    • And I don't know if I'm more afraid that it will be the hugest, grossest waste of my time ever, or that I will actually enjoy it.
    • So, in fact, that process has been a complete waste of time.
    • It was an inappropriate appointment, in that it was clearly a dismal waste of his extravagant talents.
    • It might be a waste of water, but in an extreme case it is a better alternative than a frozen, busted pipe on a freezing winter night.
    • What exactly he intended with this disgusting waste of celluloid is a complete mystery.
    • You might think the opposition would savage such a profligate waste of taxpayers' money.
    • Most replies wanted the cheapest option and thought the council a waste of money.
    • The waste of energy can hit the environment hard.
    • Not surprisingly, the opinion of the people sitting around me was that the blimp was an absurd waste of taxpayer money.
    • We went for a weekend, which on the face of it sounds like an extravagant waste of time, but was actually painlessly good fun.
    • These little actions are a waste of time, money and efforts.
    • Elections even at a state level cost money and both parties wish to avoid an unnecessary waste of money by contesting in an election that they will lose.
    • When they barely had power for lighting it seemed an extravagant waste.
    • It's a waste of time, a waste of your money, a waste of your life.
    • But parents see this as a waste of taxpayers' money.
    • Others have called the project a waste of taxpayers' money.
    • The waste of talent in our country and in our world today is an affront.
    • Is funding a project like this a good idea or a waste of money?
    • I have a whole rant about my sister's presence and the waste of money it was to bring her here to do nothing but sit around and watch television, but that's been said and done already.
  • 2

    • 2.1(refuse)

      (masculine plural) residuos
      (masculine plural) desechos
      human waste Physiology (masculine plural) excrementos
      • We see everyday how people still dump their waste carelessly.
      • Companies didn't stop dumping toxic wastes into rivers because the government asked them nicely.
      • The Department of Defense produces more hazardous waste per year than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined.
      • Thousands drowned in the murky brew that was soon contaminated by sewage and industrial waste.
      • We can't carry on as we are, throwing away huge quantities of recyclable waste every year.
      • I already compost my garden and kitchen waste in my two compost bins.
      • Composting turns household wastes into valuable fertilizer and soil organic matter.
      • Failing to cover body wastes in open latrines promoted the spread of disease by flies.
      • The council has tried to address the problem of illegally dumped rubbish by organising free collections of household waste including unwanted fridges.
      • If done properly, the garden waste you use now will be completely broken down into lovely rich soil at winter's end.
      • Americans are right to refuse truckloads of garbage that contain biomedical waste and radioactive material.
      • Hazardous wastes should not be put out with normal household waste for landfill.
      • A nearly inert material, concrete is suitable as a medium for recycling waste or industrial by-products.
      • The committee asks those responsible to refrain from dumping household waste in this bin.
      • Many are turned into cesspools and dumping sites for solid waste, including hazardous materials.
      • The two warehouses will be used to store low-level radioactive waste generated by the two plants.
      • Again I noticed another reduction in the amount of waste in my bin.
      • York council chiefs announced plans to dump regular weekly rubbish collections in an attempt to recycle more garden waste.
      • Concern arises because landfill sites are the primary means of disposing millions of tonnes of hazardous industrial waste.
      • By 2010, Massachusetts wants to reduce municipal solid waste by 70 percent statewide.

    • 2.2(surplus matter)

      material sobrante masculine
      material de desecho masculine

  • 3wastes pl

    the deserted wastes of Antarctica las desiertas inmensidades / extensiones de la Antártica

transitive verb

  • 1

    (misuse, squander)
    (talents/efforts) desperdiciar
    (efforts/talents) malgastar
    (electricity/money) despilfarrar
    (electricity/money) derrochar
    (food) tirar
    (food) desperdiciar
    (time) perder
    (space) desaprovechar
    (space) desperdiciar
    (chance/opportunity) desperdiciar
    he has wasted his life ha desperdiciado su vida
    • we wasted a lot of time arguing perdimos mucho tiempo discutiendo
    • you're wasting my time me estás haciendo perder el tiempo
    • he didn't waste any time (in) cashing the check se fue a cobrar el cheque sin perder (ni) un minuto
    • you're wasting your breath! estás gastando saliva inútilmente
    • your work won't be wasted tu trabajo no ha sido en vano
    • to waste sth on sb/sth/ -ing
    • he's wasted a fortune on cars/(on) eating out ha derrochado una fortuna en coches/comiendo en restaurantes
    • don't waste your time on them no pierdas el tiempo con ellos
    • the irony was wasted on her no captó la ironía
  • 2

    (strength) debilitar
  • 3wasted past p

    (misused, futile)
    (money/time) perdido
    (opportunity/space) desperdiciado
    (opportunity/space) desaprovechado
    (effort) inútil
    it was a wasted journey fue un viaje en balde
  • 4wasted past p

    (misused, futile, shrunken)
    (body) debilitado
    (body) consumido
    (limb) atrofiado
  • 5wasted past p

    (shrunken, drunk)
    to get wasted emborracharse
  • 6

    (lay waste)
  • 7USslang

    liquidar informal
    cargarse informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    waste not, want not quien no malgasta no pasa necesidades
  • 2


  • 1

    (barren) yermo
    (not cultivated) baldío
    (not cultivated) sin cultivar
    to lay waste arrasar
    • the town was laid waste by the rebels los rebeldes arrasaron la ciudad
  • 2

    (gas) residual
    (material) de desecho
    waste matter materia de desecho feminine
    • waste products excrementos
    • waste water aguas residuales
  • 3

    (leftover, excess)
    (paper/rubber) sobrante
    waste heat generated during the chemical reaction el calor disipado durante la reacción química