Translation of wasteland in Spanish:


páramo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈweɪs(t)lənd//ˈweɪs(t)lænd//ˈweɪs(t)land/


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    (barren land) páramo masculine
    (barren land) tierra yerma feminine
    (barren land) tierra baldía feminine
    (uncultivated land) erial masculine
    inner-city wastelands zonas urbanas deprimidas feminine
    • Whether it's rusting machinery and industrial wastelands, or ivy-draped columns, ruins are undeniably romantic.
    • The main alternative to the cattle cure of wastelands is hydroseeding, in which a machine sprays a mixture of seeds and fertilizer onto the barren soil.
    • The mountain passes are high and demanding, the climate gives extremes of weather conditions, the infrastructure is primitive and the hidden wastelands are boundless.
    • After a period in the rock wastelands during the nineties, he has emerged as a white-haired charmer, with sex appeal to women of a certain age, as they say.
    • These wetlands carelessly almost stupidly classified as wastelands are the first to lose ground to urban built-environments.
    • Like urban garages, car parts shops and so on, such places tend to spring up spontaneously like weeds in wastelands and interstices of cities.
    • We drive through flat wastelands of scrub and dust.
    • I seem to wander between the wastelands within as of late.
    • It was shot in 16 mm Cinemascope in the wastelands of Winnipeg's St. Boniface industrial stockyards.
    • And they still bear the brunt of urban poverty as single parents in the commercial wastelands that too often are their neighborhoods.
    • It's mostly teenagers, but there's youngsters as young as four and five starting fires in the wastelands around the estates.
    • The trip would comprise of roughly 750 km through the vast Mongolian prairies and the arid wastelands of the Gobi desert.
    • An immense amount has been built in two areas, both of which were desolate wastelands in 1992 because they had either been underneath or very close to the wall.
    • A historical epic set in China's vast northern wastelands would be expensive to make.
    • I am dragged through the wastelands of unknown territory for hours until the people that captured me stop.
    • His countenance was as bleak as the frozen northern wastelands, and he huddled within himself, a wizened husk hoarding unspoken power.
    • All of the planet was either polluted seas, barren wastelands, or decaying urban sprawl.
    • The TV-stations have been wastelands for two decades and most newspapers never had any interesting in what was happening abroad.
    • My favourite of these are the daffodils which appear everywhere from formal gardens to woodland paths to urban wastelands.
    • A government-planning edict has seen derelict urban wastelands transformed into residential and working communities.
    • A year ago when we drove down the nearby raised road, both sides of the dyke were wastelands covered by small clumps of brush.
    • I drove down streets that once teemed with life and now are ruined wastelands.
    • Sections of many US cities are violent urban wastelands.
    • But the most spectacular thing about the Polish Neisse riverbank with its wastelands, hourly hotels and dusty stores is the view of Görlitz.
    • The surface was that of desert and wastelands separated by massive oceans.
    • They were denuding the sheep pastures of grass, turning once successful ranches into wastelands and reducing wool production by half.
    • Hundreds of homes have already been torn down, leaving wastelands dividing the streets.
    • These wastelands are a big source of pollution and the Ministry of Environment is making it its priority to work on waste recycling and management in Bulgaria.
    • It only comes out at the outskirts of the land where the barren wasteland ends and things begin to grow again.
    • In the frigid dark silence he sat, the familiar rumble of the transport flooded his ears as they traversed the wastelands, almost lulling him to sleep.
    • When native film-makers point the camera at their homeland, the post-industrial wastelands of the Clyde are usually somewhere in the background.
    • The estimates of wastelands range from 76 million hectares to 175 million hectares.
    • The cross country race features a tight and twisty, yet relatively flat course in the urban wastelands just south of Seatac Airport.
    • Wood is found in the village's wastelands / countryside, or re-used from the rubble of the houses.
    • He is that rarest of rare breeds, a Tory activist and campaigner who keeps the blue flag flying above the housing schemes and wastelands of Glasgow's east end.
    • Are the more modest price rises across Britain as a whole merely a reflection of the fact there are huge urban wastelands where no one will ever want to live again?
    • Government intervention ensures that intercity areas are well kept and that ethnic ghettos and industrial wastelands do not emerge.
    • A harsh wind blew in from the wastelands, cutting through the damp concrete walls and sending the temperature in the cell down another few degrees.
    • The new peripheral communities were decried for everything from scarring the landscape to being cultural wastelands.
    • The decaying sports grounds have been turned into wastelands and junkie hangout spots.