Translation of waster in Spanish:


vago, n.

Pronunciation /ˈweɪstə//ˈweɪstər/


  • 1

    vago masculine
    vaga feminine
    • The current over the top road building programme demonstrates the this is a waster of tax payers' money.
    • According to Hannah, identifying the energy wasters in your home can have a direct effect on our environment as well as saving you money.
    • Government is not just the waster of money, but the arbiter of social justice.
    • That issue, of course, is ‘yard signs’ - that biggest waster of volunteer time, that blight on the environment, that piece of poster board stapled on a stick.
    • ‘Arianna you look very happy about a cruise that seconds ago you proclaimed to be stupid, absurd and a complete waster of your precious time,’ Matt says teasing me.
    • Although some industry observers initially derided this type of service as a bandwidth waster, manufacturers have continued to tweak their offerings, which may put to rest many of those concerns.
    • But the majority of the food wasters need not pay by themselves, so they don't care how much food they waste when they order excessive food.
    • So we stayed and walked a few metres in front of him asking folk to give National the party vote and explaining the prime money waster was behind us.
    • This year Las Vegas entered what it calls drought alert, meaning tight restrictions on water use for residents and businesses and heavy fines for water wasters.
    • I think hanging round Savile Row waiting for potential clients to visit London is a big energy waster.
    • The biggest wasters of household power, desktop and laptop computers, add $30 to an annual power bill when left on standby.
    • Then he moved back in with his mother, sealing his fate and cementing his status as parasite and waster of indulgence and advantage.
    • Have you ever noticed that one of your colleagues is particularly irritable, difficult to work with or perhaps even a hyperactive time-waster?
    • The high-intensity discharge lights used in industrial, retail, and institutional settings are serious energy wasters.
    • While motorists are prime examples of fuel wasters, they also consume 50.2 percent of the country's total fuel consumption, making them the largest consumer segment compared to households and industries.