Translation of wastrel in Spanish:


gandul, n.

Pronunciation /ˈweɪstrəl//ˈweɪstr(ə)l/



  • 1

    gandul masculine
    gandula feminine
    • His prospective employer, Tony, is an upper-class wastrel just come into his inheritance.
    • This is a horribly patronising movie that makes Dublin in 1967 look like a theme-park of amiable drunken wastrels and boozy squawking women in headscarves and ankle socks.
    • In those dark days fathers surfaced in politics either as incipient child-abusers, or alimony-evading wastrels.
    • But to the contrary, the people were sympathetic towards her for having no father and a wastrel of a brother.
    • These children, they said, were destined to become wastrels, neurotic misfits or criminals.