Translation of watching brief in Spanish:

watching brief

Pronunciation //


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    to have / hold a watching brief tener un papel de observador
    • Additions to local law varied according to the government in power, with London as head of the later British Commonwealth keeping a watching brief.
    • Our aim has always been to see this building serving the needs of the community so we will carry on with our watching brief.
    • While they top the leaderboard, reduced to a watching brief are some of the great names of the game who have won at Augusta in the past.
    • While they do monitor currency prices and keep a watching brief on economic announcements, they are usually not the harried souls we see sweating on the big screen.
    • Bob's schoolteacher widow rallied to help out and keep a watching brief.
    • Press and public were not invited to the meeting but representatives of the town council and civic society were allowed to keep a watching brief.
    • The Council would continue to keep a watching brief on the hospital and planned a return visit there later in the year.
    • Well, as it stands, we are in the same position we were before, because whilst we are - if you like, we are taking a watching brief of the situation, and seeing how it develops.
    • Surprisingly for a match against two of the three bottom clubs in the Football League, a mini-army of scouts and managers took a watching brief.
    • It's something we can keep a watching brief on, but at the moment it's not a community safety issue.
    • Her new baby, which she somehow manages to organise while keeping a watching brief over Clock House and raising three children all under six, is a private practice focusing solely on cosmetic dentistry.
    • However, busy (albeit more knowledgeable) doctors will still have time only to advise and keep a watching brief.
    • We are here in an advisory position and will keep a watching brief on it.
    • We will be keeping a watching brief to make sure Mr Morley keeps to his promise.
    • The firm thought it wiser to keep a watching brief on its investment in Israel, preferring to stand back and take a pragmatic view.