Translation of water in Spanish:


agua, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔdər//ˈwɔːtə//ˈwɑdər/


  • 1

    agua feminine
    (temperature/meter) (before noun) del agua
    (plant/bird) acuático
    drinking/running water agua potable/corriente
    • (from faucet) turn the water on abre la llave
    • the water has risen/gone down las aguas han subido/bajado
    • hard/soft water agua dura/blanda
    • to be/lie under water estar/quedar inundado
    • the kitchen was 2 ft under water la cocina tenía 2 pies de agua
    • high/low water marea alta/baja
    • they headed for the open water pusieron rumbo al mar abierto
    • still/rough water aguas tranquilas/agitadas
    • he's gone through a patch of rough water ha pasado por un período bastante tormentoso
    • to go across / over the water cruzar a la otra orilla
    • from across the water del otro lado del charco
    • to make water hacer agua
    • by water por barco
    • to spend money like water gastar dinero como si fuera agua
    • Rutland Water el lago Rutland
    • like water off a duck's back como quien oye llover
    • I keep telling her to study but it's water off a duck's back estoy constantemente diciéndole que estudie pero le resbala / pero es como quien oye llover
    • of the first water (person) de primer orden
    • to be in deep water(s) estar con el agua al / hasta el cuello
    • to be in/get into hot water estar/meterse en una buena
    • to get into deep water(s) meterse en camisa de once varas
    • to hold water tenerse en pie
    • that theory just doesn't hold water esa teoría hace agua por todos lados
    • to pour / throw cold water over sth ponerle trabas a algo
    • to test the water (test reaction) tantear el terreno
    • water under the bridge
    • that's all water under the bridge eso ya es agua pasada
    • a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since we last met ha corrido mucha agua bajo el puente / ha llovido mucho desde la última vez que nos vimos
    • She said when it rains water gushes into the hole and under the foundations.
    • Helping the weevils was the relatively clean water flowing into the dam.
    • Don't rush to drink that lovely fresh spring water either.
    • Water vapour rises into the atmosphere where it is cooled and turned back into liquid water.
    • I was told to fetch drinking water from the river.
    • They are dissolved in warm water and the liquid is taken as a drink between meals.
    • There is evidence that beneath a thick outer layer of ice the moon is covered in liquid or slushy water.
    • The methanol reacts with water in the presence of a catalyst to produce hydrogen ions and electrons.
    • However, make sure a sufficient amount of cool, clean, fresh drinking water is always available.
    • Water is safe if boiled; alternatively there is plenty of bottled drinking water available.
    • Forget about humping a heavy pack, cooking over a campfire, drinking brackish water from a stream.
    • When they run out, refill the bottles with a mixture of water and washing up liquid.
    • Brine is a solution of sodium chloride and water that may or may not contain other salts.
    • Volcanic carbon dioxide would cause atmospheric warming that would, in turn, warm surface ocean water.
    • Somewhere in the maze of subterranean cracks below the village, contaminated surface water was leaking into clean groundwater.
    • As she headed toward the front door, droplets of water rained down on her from the sky.
    • If we do have liquid water on earth we have the potential to form life a lot earlier.
    • Mara smiled slightly as they entered the broad bowl of mountains and beheld the lake of clear water at its centre.
    • Its normally the ions that react with other chemicals when dissolved in water.
    • Petrol station bosses have begun an investigation into whether heavy rain caused water to get into a fuel pump.
  • 2

    • 2.1(urine)

      to pass / make water hacer de las aguas Mexico euphemistic

    • 2.2

      water on the brain hidrocefalia feminine
      • water on the knee derrame sinovial
      • Swimming may be a symbol of birth, expressing a wish to return to the peace and safety of the waters of the womb.
      • The epidural did not work and fell out and my waters were broken without my consent.

  • 3waters pl

    • 3.1(of sea, river)

      (feminine plural) aguas
      the waters of the Mediterranean las aguas del Mediterráneo
      • to fish in muddy / troubled waters pescar en río revuelto
      • to muddy the waters enmarañar / enredar las cosas
      • still waters run deep del agua mansa líbreme Dios, que de la brava me libro yo
      • A huge police operation was carried out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to unearth any clues with divers scouring the waters of the River Ribble at the docks.
      • They add a dash of exotic colour to what was once a place of busy docks and warehouses, most of which now lie in decay, fronted by rusting ships abandoned on the brown waters of the River Plate.
      • Although I've lived in the Selby area for most of my life, I've never seen crowds of fisherman hauling nets of clams, mussels and tuna from the murky waters of the River Ouse.
      • On Saturday June 5 hundreds will plunge into the cold waters of Camlough Lake to participate in the first ever triathlon to be held in South Armagh.
      • Lake Vouliagmeni's waters partially come from underground currents from Mount Hymettus.
      • Britain's newest sports car took a test drive Wednesday, zooming back and forth across the waters of the Thames River.
      • Soon, the waters of the Tusket River were running clear again.
      • Within its confines they build houses and shops, cultivate fields, and set out in tiny boats on the waters of the lake whose vastness I now comprehend.
      • In the foreground, a footbridge spans a river whose waters are churned by the wheel of old Mr. Sandyman's mill.
      • He floated on the surface of the lake; its waters were far denser than normal water.
      • We imagined ourselves strolling between golden fields of quinoa and the thrilling blue waters of the highest lake.
      • The newly renovated Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is an island unto itself, seemingly afloat on the still blue waters of Lake Pichola.
      • Just south of the provincial capital, the murky waters of the Golok River mark the border between Malaysia and Thailand.
      • In the opera's famous opening scene, deep in the waters of the Rhine river, Wagner unfolds an immense, rolling E-flat major chord.
      • A youth crouches on a stanchion under York's new Millennium Bridge - some 15 feet above the bank and the swirling waters of the River Ouse.
      • A total of 16 swimmers braved the icy waters of The River Barrow for the Home Care Team while 26 took part in the walk.
      • The waters of Dongting Lake and the Xiangjiang River, which flows through the provincial capital of Changsha, are near all-time highs.
      • Experts estimate that there are at least 11,000 logs preserved in the icy Ottawa River waters.
      • Thousands of floating, flickering lights, rhythmically carried forward by the slowly moving waters of the holy river, are an unforgettable sight.
      • A taxi driver who pulled a young man from the raging waters of the River Kent in February's floods rushed to the aid of a road accident victim this week in a second life-saving attempt.

    • 3.2(of sea, river, at spa)

      to take the waters tomar las aguas

    • 3.3(amniotic fluid, at spa)

      (feminine plural) aguas
      the/her waters broke rompió aguas

intransitive verb

  • 1

    her eyes began to water empezaron a llorarle los ojos / a saltársele las lágrimas
    • chopping onions makes my eyes water picar cebolla me hace llorar
    • his mouth watered se le hizo agua la boca
    • the smell made my mouth water se me hizo agua la boca con el olor

transitive verb

  • 1

    (plant/garden) regar
  • 2

    (river) regar
  • 3

    (give to drink)
    (horse/cattle) dar de beber a
    (horse/cattle) abrevar
  • 4

    (add water to)
    (mixture) ponerle agua a
    (mixture) echarle agua a
    (wine/beer) aguar
    (wine/beer) bautizar humorous