Translation of water cooler in Spanish:

water cooler

fuente, n.


  • 1

    (de agua potable refrigerada) fuente feminine
    bebedero masculine River Plate
    • Apparently it wasn't his birthday at all, so it's not surprising he was a bit shocked to see us all advancing on him in a less than subtle pincer movement from behind the water cooler.
    • She blocked the hall in front of him, bent over the water cooler.
    • And nothing will earn more respect and admiration from the hardware fan as a water cooler.
    • He managed to make Marin actually laugh when he described the incident with the paper clip and the water cooler that had flooded half the floor.
    • It is equidistant from the water cooler, the washing machine and the TV room.
    • They also have access to the statistics showing the exact time spent away from the phone, such as toilet breaks or getting drinking water from the water cooler.
    • Was their day all about trading stories at the water cooler?
    • Did he ever try and trap them by the water cooler?
    • Hang out at the company water cooler and force yourself to talk to a fellow employee you've never spoken with.
    • I may never drink from the company water cooler again.
    • I tried hunting around for a water cooler to quench my thirst.
    • He walked over to the water cooler and got himself a drink.
    • There's plenty of controversy in the headlines to fuel conversations around the water cooler.
    • No, the prize wasn't an air conditioner, but a water cooler!
    • The air conditioners aren't working, and the water cooler has some sort of brownish gooey liquid coming out of the taps.
    • A water cooler bubbled to itself on the opposite end of the room.
    • In the elevator or at the water cooler, take a break from business for the hottest summertime fun - pleasure.
    • There was a couch that looked ready for the dump, a water cooler, a television, and a phone, as well as files scattered about the space.
    • If the water cooler is large, two tablets can be safely used.
    • I slapped him on the back, then spied a water cooler in the corner.