Translation of water gun in Spanish:

water gun

pistola de agua, n.



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    pistola de agua feminine
    • And then your brother soaked us with his water gun.
    • Chris was holding a toy water gun and I was holding onto a large stuff animal.
    • There wasn't anything wrong with Kris, I mean, besides the fact that he continuously squirted us with a water gun as children.
    • A boy about ten years of age ran to a group of three boys and squirted water from his water gun, wetting them.
    • Beth turned around and was suddenly sprayed with a water gun.
    • My neighbour suddenly jumped in and squirted me with some water from his water gun!
    • Jason had the larger water gun, since he'd run out there before Mitchell had a chance to even put his shoes on.
    • Once my eyes cleared, I saw James holding out a water gun.
    • She was a smart girl, and her inventiveness was evidenced in the water gun.
    • I place my empty water gun on the table and take several deep breaths.
    • The area was dark and Jessica wasn't seeing much of anything as she looked around quickly for what she assumed would be her own water gun.
    • As soon as you see the younger cat approaching the older one ‘in that way,’ squirt him with a water gun or plant sprayer or make a loud noise using a whistle or an empty soda can with six or seven pennies inside.
    • Now we get the water guns and squirt 'em to wake them up.
    • Guns of any kind were also forbidden in our home, including water guns or a threateningly-held banana, because even pretending to shoot your sister is just as bad as pulling an actual trigger.
    • During this Festival, people throw bright-colored powders at one another and spray each other with paint-filled water guns.
    • This spring, the company is introducing a water gun that shoots more wet stuff further than competitors and carries in its stream a beam of light that flashes when it hits its target.
    • Truthfully, it wouldn't have been so condemning if the camera hadn't caught the little smile both friends shared at the end, just before the clip faded into clips of crew members attacking each other with water guns.
    • Though, I didn't think about that long before Sam barged in to my room, carrying a plastic water gun in hand.
    • Of course, I had to be stupid and squirt the president of the school board in the face with a water gun.
    • Pulling a water gun from her bulky backpack, she filled it with the drink and stood up.