Translation of water polo in Spanish:

water polo

waterpolo, n.


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    waterpolo masculine
    • It's no secret that much of the game of water polo revolves around the center position.
    • Kenney said he has always encouraged some of his swimmers to play water polo during the swimming break.
    • Along with water polo, Powers enjoys football, basketball and bodysurfing.
    • There are lots of great sports, from basketball to wrestling, football to water polo.
    • The complex, situated 300 yards from the beach, has a pool and organised basketball, football and water polo.
    • Why, then, do we insist that athletes should develop or succeed in both swimming and water polo?
    • This all changed when he discovered the sport of water polo from his dad who once played for the Egyptian National Team.
    • Prior to that the former solicitor's clerk had dabbled in water polo and the triathlon.
    • This year, between games and tinkering in the garage, he also found time to take up water polo and volleyball.
    • They first went to the swimming pool to have a swim around and play a match of water polo.
    • Is one of these explanations the reason you are playing water polo?
    • If there is a secret, it is that it takes ten years or more to develop players capable of playing good defensive water polo.
    • However, he also believes that clubs that mix water polo with swimming would be the ideal situation.
    • The tactics and playing of the game are not unlike basketball or water polo.
    • The only sports she knew how to play were soccer and water polo.
    • To me, the combination of swimming and water polo is the ultimate definition of how kids should progress and succeed.
    • He played water polo at Lancaster University where he cycled the eight miles or so to work and went running on his lunch break.
    • Some resorts have also organised games such as beach-volley ball and water polo to keep the guests engaged.
    • The depth at the shallow end could have been kept at a level to play water polo, certainly not in excess of four feet.
    • We did sets dribbling the ball, we did water polo drills, and my swimmers got in great shape by playing water polo.