Translation of watercourse in Spanish:


curso de agua, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔdərˌkɔrs//ˈwɑdərˌkɔrs//ˈwɔːtəkɔːs/


  • 1

    (river, canal)
    curso de agua masculine
    • Never introduce any sort of pond plant into a stream or other natural watercourse.
    • Options are limited because we are in the upper reaches of a river that has a narrow watercourse through an historic town.
    • Its developers worked in unusual (for the time) sympathy, preserving the watercourses, mature trees and shoreline that were, and remain, the site's patrimony.
    • Outside of farmyards, bales should neither be stored or opened within 20 metres of watercourses or lakes nor within 50 metres of wells.
    • The United Utilities scheme, to clean up watercourses which run into the River Irwell, began last November.
    • A linked watercourse is planned, with cascades, ponds and rills.
    • In far more recent times, pilgrims, Silk Route traders and imperial invaders followed these watercourses through the mountains, balancing on paths that clung like spiderwebs to the valley walls.
    • Residents also complained that unchecked and haphazard construction activity came in the way of natural watercourses.
    • Near the railway line was something called the ‘New River Path’, a walking track running beside a watercourse.
    • The aim of the project is to bridge the two sides of the many rivers, canals and other watercourses that characterise the region, with the bridge creating a sense of civic pride and providing a showcase for visitors.
    • I notice that the clause states that artificial watercourses are not part of that particular acknowledgment.
    • Clutching the new map, Alexander and I drove south again and closed in on Geyser Spring, eventually striding up a babbling watercourse to the point where it burst fully formed from the ground - cold.
    • It is an artificial watercourse of great antiquity.
    • Initially, this transformed Babylonia into an area where numerous watercourses divided significant patches of arable land, making it nearly ideal for practicing the sort of farming that had already been developed in nearby regions.
    • The flood-plain reveals diverse patterns of watercourses, trees, hedgerows, and fields.
    • It should never be spread close to a watercourse, and tanks should never be cleaned beside a stream or river.
    • Yet at the very end of the reign, the monks of Athelney Abbey, in Somerset, considered it necessary to obtain the king's permission to divert an ancient way in order to make a watercourse through the moor near their monastery.
    • In dealing with shared or transboundary watercourses a second problem of geographical definition arises.
    • Traditionally, courts in Ontario have distinguished between natural watercourses and the flow of surface waters.
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    (channel, route)
    curso del agua masculine